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  1. Re: McKenzie: Senators can trace series loss to Game 6

    He's wrong on this one. Senators still had time in the game to win in the 3rd period of game 6. Had the controversial penalty occurred in the 3rd period with only a few minutes left then it would...
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    Re: Second Round 2012

    Sens making into the playoffs was no fluke. Sens making it to Game 7 against the 1st place team was no fluke either. It was a good year for the Sens even though the Sens lost in the first round.
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    Re: Second Round 2012

    Awesome, that likely means the Panthers if they win their series against the Devils and Sens beat the Rangers.
    Sens are capable of defeating the Rangers and eventually beating the Panthers which...
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    Second Round 2012

    If we beat the Rangers, then who will the Sens face in the Semi-Finals (second round) ?
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    Re: Natalya's farting gimmick to continue

    I don't see how WWE thinks this is actually quality or funny in terms of creative writing.
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    Racist Politican known as Jason Kenney

    "Six federal bureaucrats were drafted to pose as new Canadians for a citizenship reaffirmation ceremony broadcast on the Sun News network, an event requested by Immigration Minister Jason Kenney's...
  7. Re: WWE's video game partner (THQ) being sold?

    it's good to be back, and I will be keeping my eye on this and the Ottawa Senators section.
  8. Re: Top court ushers in two new justices, sealing Harper’s judicial legacy

    You are voting for tribal reasons, you will vote Conservative in part because Harper has promoted a Greek-Canadian to the supreme court. That is not the reason why Harper put her in the Supreme...
  9. Re: WWE's video game partner (THQ) being sold?

    WWE needs to find a new video game developer as i've always had a few glitches with THQ wrestling video games except WWE All-Stars which was actually done by MidWay which I believe THQ had purchased...
  10. Re: Most interesting synopsis and solution I have read for the Greece financial crisi

    The problem with this is that the government (Pasok and ND) in Greece since the 80's or earlier kept borrowing from banks with terrible interest rates; several corporations not paying taxes, and...
  11. Re: Top court ushers in two new justices, sealing Harper’s judicial legacy

    You should not vote Conservative. They view minorities as a consumer not as a citizen. The Harper Government recognized FYROM as Macedonia and when the real Macedonians protested this they sent Jason...
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