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AC3 was hot garbage.

Black flag was a good pirate game, meh AC game, rogue, same thing with a better story on a lesser console

Unity had a story that made no sense, controls that didn't work, a co-op that was messed up with the only thing that could somewhat keep the game being the absolute worst in the series being the beautiful city of Paris that ypu get to explore.

Syndicate had better story, controls were fixed and smoother, but it got really boring about halfway through.

Origins though. Egypt. The world, the controls, the addition of a modern day story and protaganist that makes sense. (The office espionage era of AC was a downright embarrassment to gaming). You need to play it. They gutted a lot of things that had gotten repetative over the series. Eagle vision? Gone. Replaced with an actual eagle that acts as a drone. Mini map? Gone. Replaced with actually needed to bring up a map. Synching to viewpoints in order to see an area and remove fog of war? Gone. All it does now is make your eagle more perceptive and act as fast travel points. It doesn't feel like any Assassins creed game you have ever played before. This may also very related to the fact that... You are not playing as an assassin. There are no assassins. The rules, the dogma, the rigid rules of being part of an order that has existed for thousands of years doesn't tie into this game because the crees doesn't exist. But you get to watch how it forms, a very intesting plot point.

The multiple distinct environments, the huge amount of side quests, emotional main quest, the era(romans, Greeks, native egyptians, all will mess you up at some point). the tech tree system allows you to build an assassin tailored to your skills in order to best fight these ancient warriors.

My wife built a stealth build what could murder anyone with a bow from a hundred yards away, or a hidden blade from around a corner.

I built a brawler who could fight up to 5 guys at once.

My wife acquired weapons that absorbed health as she fought. I acquired weapons that poisoned and hurt people as I landed hits or blocked shots.

The only thing that I did like about the game is that once you finish the hundred plus side quests there was nothing much to do. But every Assassins creed suffers this problem, nothing unique to origins. Also no multiplayer, but to be fair, the series has never been able to find a good way to implement it, and the harder they tried, the worst the games got.

Odyssey looks like they will build on Origins, another place from history that looks absolutly amazing, with spartans and athenians going to it, a witcher 3 feel to it, as opposed to the linear story of origins, as nice as it was, and I guess my wife will be able to play a badass woman for a whole game instead of just parts of a game.

Ubisoft is starting to take huge steps towards bringing the series back to AC2 with a strong, beautiful environments, modern day story that doesn't drag down the rest of the series, likeable main protagonists(FU Connor), without gimmicks as the hook(FU revalations and Syndicate). Origins was a huge step towards that, Odyssey is looks like them fleshing it out.
thank you very much for this post

i think i am going to pick up Origins this summer (it is 50 bucks now but i bet it goes even cheaper)

hard to keep up with the games as they are annual