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That is a good point on Smallman. I can see Foegele not playing because he is older and pretty much established himself as top end pro prospect with a pretty dominating rookie season in the AHL. But Smallman almost missed an entire season last year, his only pro season. He would have been a solid candidate for this tournament. Dunno what the answer is to that question.
Remember ... new crew in charge. Nobody ever comes right out and details the team's objectives in these development camps or tournaments. We have to judge the agenda over time. Francis pretty clearly used this tournament as a statement of organizational strength and generally ginned up a strong roster trying to win the thing. Detroit tends to do that too, being the ersatz hosts. Dudley is likely pulling the strings on this stuff now as the development guy, and for all we know he's looking to audition guys for specific openings in the organizational chart and not looking big picture at all. Time will tell ... presuming Dudley is here long enough to fill the book.