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  1. OT: Food & Drink Thread - Where to Go, What to Eat, etc.
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  4. Remembering Loved Ones
  5. OT: New Music
  6. OT: Michael Schumacher in Coma from Ski Accident.
  7. OT: Howard Stern 60th Birthday Bash
  8. OT: Philip Seymour Hoffman Found Dead
  9. Valentines Day
  10. OT: Hot Cars
  11. OT: A future Prime Minister of Canada?
  12. OT: Harold Ramis, Chicago actor, writer and director, dead at 69
  13. OT: What is your background?
  14. Congrats to Rouah
  15. OT: Count takes you to the Oscars
  16. Being That Guy - If Quebec were to separate.
  17. Anything Screwy Happening With The Site
  18. Happy Easter
  19. Going to Cuba Again.... any suggestions?
  20. OT: Website development
  21. OT: Oh you bar owners
  22. OT: What Really Matters
  23. OT: Just talking cause I like the sound of my own voice.
  24. Happy Father's Day Gents!
  25. OT: Robin Williams kills himself
  26. OT: OT Thread
  27. OT: To Be or Not to Be....
  28. Congratulations Hairnova
  29. R.I.P Pat Quinn
  30. Site was down for a while
  31. Merry Christmas
  32. Happy New Year!
  33. Twitter
  34. Problems with this site
  35. Language Debate. Again: Open At Your Own Risk
  36. OT: Leonard Nimoy passes away
  37. Slightly OT : The Venerable Lapin and Wife Roll Into Sunrise !!
  38. OT: Montreal
  39. The Derby and the Fight, Betting Bonanza Weekend
  40. OT: Roll Call
  41. OT: Condolences to Louis
  42. OT: Cliff Huxtable
  43. Movies and Television
  44. OT: Cars
  45. OT: Mrs. Lapin researching new washing machine...
  46. OT: The Bolduke
  47. OT: Moving to California
  48. OT: Paris shooting - San Bernardino shooting
  49. OT: Northern Gateway 'Will Never Happen' In Light Of Trudeau Ban On Oil Tankers
  50. US Election 16' & post game fallout
  51. 25000 Syrian Refugees Plan extended to end of February.
  52. OT: The Syrian Refugee Thread
  53. OT or not OT that is the question.......
  54. new Hab Sub Forum....VOTE on content
  55. Merry Christmas
  56. Free Gifs & Funny Pics therapy ...
  57. Liberal MP Seamus O’Regan checks into wellness program
  58. No need to fear AlQaeda...You now have YallQaeda
  59. David Bowie dies of cancer at 69
  60. President Obama's last State of the Union address
  61. E - Cigarettes - Anyone doing them?
  62. Wife facing jail for not doing enough housework
  63. OT-Where is XPO?
  64. Oil - Prices
  65. Count takes you to the Oscars
  66. Anyone want to buy an old Metro car?
  67. North Korea releases footage of crime that got American student jailed for 15 years
  68. Question?
  69. Your ticket to the NHL has arrived
  70. RIP Prince
  71. The smug style in American liberalism
  72. Trannies and Bathrooms
  73. OT: Tour des Canadiens
  74. Where to get Microsoft office?
  75. Gord Downie Has Terminal Brain Cancer
  76. We Found It — The Most Racist Ad Of 2016
  77. Muhammad Ali Dead at 74
  78. Unconstrained Senate has the power to gut legislation — starting with assisted dying
  79. 50 dead, many injured in Orlando
  80. Texas Justice
  81. Just a little Election 16' - Comic Relief
  82. Why the World Is Rebelling Against ‘Experts’
  83. Knife massacre in Tokyo
  84. Congrats to Worm
  85. My 10K post in FI
  86. Fidel Castro dies at age 90
  87. Damn that kangaroo can take a punch
  88. What an *******!
  89. Trudeau said Trump 'very supportive' of Keystone XL pipeline
  90. ++Graphic ++: Russia's ambassador was killed in a shooting in Ankara(VIDEO)
  91. Lesbian couple faked hate crime and destroyed own home with arson
  92. Hashemi Rafsanjani died at age of 82
  93. Clintons Shutter Global Initiative as Donations Dry Up
  94. Ben Carson confirmation hearing
  95. School Choice
  96. Inauguration
  97. I wonder what the Pres said,,,
  98. Trump is the gift that keeps on giving
  99. How Losing My Political Values Helped Me Gain My Freedom
  100. 6 dead in Quebec mosque shooting
  101. With executive orders, Trump embraces time-honored power move
  102. RIP Chet
  103. RIP Judge Wapner
  104. Count takes you to the Oscars
  105. Hey kids...........
  106. The world renowned Neurosurgeon has an interesting take on slavery
  107. Bought the Car ... ...
  108. Happy 375th birthday Montreal
  109. Hard to convict Fat Albert
  110. To Habsy:
  111. Where are Lou and Rolex?
  112. Centre Bell Question re: Club Desjardins
  113. Concussion Protocol
  114. Greatest Love Song Ever Written?
  115. OT-Fat Albert goes to jail