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  1. The Edge of a Cold, Deep Abyss?
  2. Native American Group Plans Federal Lawsuit Against Cleveland Indians Logo, Team Name
  3. Obama Administration Deepens U.S. Role in Syria and Iraq
  4. Exclusive: Putinís Pilots Set to Fly Over Iraq
  5. Corporate Welfare’s Quiet Enablers:
  6. Year Four: The Arab Spring Proved Everyone Wrong
  7. The Moral Hazards and Legal Conundrums of Our Robot-Filled Future
  8. Understanding What Hamas Wants
  9. Why Tesla Motors can't sell cars in most of the USA
  10. The Gaza War: When Strategies Collide
  11. Western Powers largely alone in condemnation of Russia
  12. Obama Authorizes Targeted Airstrikes in Iraq
  13. ISIS urges Muslims to kill civilians in US-led coalition countries
  14. Early Colonial America food and drink
  15. Author's journey inside ISIS: They're 'more dangerous than people realize'
  16. What ISIS Really Wants
  17. New test can predict cancer up to 13 years before disease develops
  18. Donald Trumpís New World Order/What a Kissinger-inspired strategy might look like.