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I participated in numerous Ayahuasca ceremonies with a true shaman in the Amazon Rainforest over the past 2 years. Recently I had a ceremony where I was revealed many things inside. The time is short.

Please, I ask everyone, have an open mind. I know we all have strong belief systems but so much of it was programming by this false society. The depths of darkness & brainwashing that has been surrounding our lives is unimaginable. What was the quote by hitler again ? IF the lie is big enough they will believe it (or something like that).

I added many links in the description under the video in the following link. Also directed to search some titles (quoted there). I ask you, with an open mind, to please go through ALL those links provided and read (and watch) through them. You will start putting some pieces together as you go along. IT's truth, what we have all been seeking


We are all there ever was, and all there will ever be. We are eternal universal consciousness. We truly are one

Much Love & Light,

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Pay Montana his money.

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He will receive.

PM sent.

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Is this some kind of Hare Krishna thing?

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wow that video is creepy.

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wow that video is creepy.

Calm down, it's just Mr Burns.

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Friends, please have an open mind. Search ALL you can on "Agenda 21"... here's a small sample:


Agenda 21 pamphlets are already hitting our canadian schools:


Harper was on TV yesterday talking about a restructuring of our development throughout the entire country. Look it up. He's a politician so read between the lines.

This is very serious. We've been programmed to be left-brain material based rational thinkers, the opposite side of finding truth, Spirit, your True-SELF. But the Truth has been inside us all along. See






All these places in the bible are inside us. Not by looking outside like churches say - looking outside or in the past or the future (away from us). LEft brain thinks physical matter and past/future. But TRUTH is ALWAYS NOW, not thinking left brain past/future. Golgotha, the death chamber, the 4 horsemen, the 7 seals, rapture, garden of eden, the 4 tribes, the temple, the tabernacle, all the rivers, caves and caverns, red sea, all the astrological signs, you name it in the bible. IT's all inside you, not outside somewhere in the yonder, or in the past, or in a country geographically. And the info is there (last 3 links) ^^. All mono religions are the same, saying the same thing via metaphor/symbolism/parable etc. And they all say to look within YOU. Nothing outside can save you and you will never find truth by looking outside. We save and judge ourselves. The crucifixion in the bible is about your crucifixion. Jesus says I AM YOU, so that means you are him. So thinking in the past about some physical guy 2000 years ago is ridiculous (left brain thinking is past/future and physical). Jesus spoke in parables and if you read the parables it's about surrendering your ego via ego-death. To then see far beyond the false self, that is within you. Jesus said the kingdom of God is WITHIN YOU. Another story, You are david and your fears/ego/illusions are goliath. David picks up 5 SMOOTH stones representing 5 senses, and smooth so we can't build on it (in other words, not physical matter and not 90 degree as very little in nature is straight lines and 90 degrees. When the bible talks about 2 people on a high mountain for example, it's not a physical mountain and in the past as churches brainwash our left brain with. High on a mountain means emotions are high WITHIN. All nature is metaphor to YOU. We are nature. God is nature... Look up Agenda 21, thats why the freemasons want to alter and genetically modify nature. They created AIDS, it didnt come from monkeys, they create disease, they create diabetes, they genetically modify food , plants, animals. Freemasons have had control of the FDA for 100 years, they put whatever they want in our food. They put fluoride in our water, even bottled water (check your label) to poison us.

They create AUTISM- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g6FdtWXOijU .Poison us and then we pay them to poison us more with chemicals in prescription drugs from their demonic labs. They make nature illegal, it's mindboggling how ayahuasca can be illegal, but they don't want us to have consciousness, so there you go. If nature is illegal, then freedom simply doesn't exist. THEY pollute the atmosphere with bomb tests and many means, when we have free and clean energy available that we can all use (and have had available for decades). They poison our oceans, lakes, streams, deliberately. They cause radiation all over north america and the world . Then they cause alarms bells about global warming, another false agenda to brainwash us. They caused it, blame us, and use it against us. Our schools are horrible, they teach us nothing about the astonishing beauty of nature, teach us nothing about the true nature of psychology (the most important subject matter there is), history is mostly about memorizing dates of wars then revolutions (rinse and repeat), when we have a FANTASTIC human history. Freemasons have owned the education system for a long time. They humiliate us on every level.

No wonder our young children are so full of fear and depressed, because they are left brain trained and so devoid of any truth. THEY cause the fear and depression. Our children should not be like this, it's not what nature intended:

http://www.thestar.com/yourtoronto/education/2013/02/12/toronto_students_worry_about_family_school_and_fut ure_survey_finds.html

They want to destroy all that is God= the SELF, Art, freedom, nature, our natural evolution to God-hood or GodSELF as a species, beauty, love, compassion, passion, romance, imagination, healing, humor, care, mind, psychology, divinity, Light, illumination, consciousness, Life, authenticity, connectivity, resonance, high vibration (we are vibrational beings) , truth of spirit etc etc etc etc. They always wanted to make us as ugly inside and full of fear as they themselves are, a reflection of them. They alter seeds in nature and they want to destroy this--


The put fluoride in our water because:


The pineal gland is referenced in all mono religions. Early in the book of Genesis Jacob said he saw God face to face and called the place Pineal. Jesus said "If thy eye be single your body will fill with light" . The pineal gland is the only part of your temple (your brain cavity), that does not have a right or left hemisphere, therefore it is "single". The pineal gland is situated at the geometric center within the brain cavity, signifying it's great importance. The pineal gland, when excited by electrons, allows "IN-ner" vision, a totally different way of seeing things. You have two outer eyes to look outwardly, and the pineal gland single eye is for inner vision. It's named after the pine cone in nature with it's similar shape to the pineal gland. A pine cone is 3 times older than most plant species, billions of years old.. The pine cone has the "Fibonnaci sequence" of nature moving both ways with it's spiral patterns, that is seen when tipping the top side facing you. A pine cone is closed in the dark but opens with light to then release it's seeds. Some have referred the pineal gland as the seat of the soul.

And of course, your 7 chakras... this is also referenced in the bible in the book of revelation (your revelation). Christianity however will tell us the 3rd eye and chakra system inside us is evil. Which is ridiculous because it is inside us for a reason. But we all know who placed christianity on TV 24/7 in western society since the 1950's. christianity is left brained to look outside for truth, looking up at the sky for God instead of inside. looking outside = SELF-DENIAL. Here's some diagrams of your chakras:

1) http://tiny.cc/1mev6w
2) http://tiny.cc/emev6w
3) http://tiny.cc/vpev6w

Ayahuasca has been scientifically proven to align your 7 chakras, 2) stimulate the pineal gland single eye for INNER vision , 3) stimulates the right side of the brain (which was the tribe of Judah in the bible and the tribe of judah camped in the EAST= the right side of your brain. the tribe of judah = the tribe of Light, and the number of people in that tribe = 186,000 = is the speed of light per second)., Ayahuasca also connects/opens the frontal lobes of the brain (your emotions), and that was the tribe of Dan that camped in the north (the frontal lobes). The tribe of Dan in the bible represented emotions if you understand the metaphor,,, and of course it has been scientifically proven we have emotional responses in the frontal lobes. Ayahuasca has also been shown to affect the Duramater veil of the brain. This is a black veil over our brain cavity. Duramater means Hard mother. Pia mater, a layer beneath the duramater, is pia mater, soft mother or virgin mother..... Lifting of the veil. The stedmans medical dictionary aligns with the biblical text inside our brain. We know osiris and Os-iris in the medical field means single eye, for example. The bible told us to open all those areas inside ourselves. all religions basically come from shamanism. Shamans have used ayahuasca for tens of thousands of years. All the religions are from shamanism, and the rig veda used entheogen plants as well. Entheogen means "generating the divine within".. for DIRECT spiritual experience. Basically your entire consciousness changes after these direct spiritual experiences. Its bringing the jesus, or shiva, or mohammad, or great spirit, or whatever you want to call it, from inside you that was always there. All the mysteries of infinite universes of beauty are stored there, in your soul. Truth cannot be told, cannot be written, cannot be intellectualized, and cannot really be told from anyone or anything outside, only by going inside & experiencing it can we find truth. It's not meant for words, our human language is far too limited. But this knowledge of going INwardly has been suppressed by our society, for obvious reasons, as we know the people who run this society.


^^ just like going deep into that LEAF, Its all about going within to SELF discovery and truth INSIDE you, that's where it all is. It's all about YOU, it always was. Going WITHIN. Looking Out-side for truth = being With-OUT. All the great heretics who struck the alchemical gold told us this. The ancients told us. That's the way it's always been, and always will be. People have been taught to take these books literally and thinking outside themselves via thoughts of physical images in the mind or at another time, or geography, or history in these books., and it's not. It's far deeper. IT's a book about spirit, not physical and not literal. The universeS = endless metaphorical beauty. There are no limits. And its all inside you, always was

You guys were always looking for physical evidence regarding 911. But REAL Truth is always found via Spirit evidence. Pay attention from 1:32:00 mark to the end.. Again from the one hour and 32 minute mark to the end of the video. After all you will see through the earlier links I provided, it should be very clear to you when you arrive at the end of this next video:



Use this information to your benefit. I've revealed plenty for you to peruse over and to re-examine things regarding your belief systems. Have an open mind, don't worry you will not lose your mind by opening it. There's nothing to be fearful of by opening your mind. Your mind is God so it can handle anything. Being fearful of opening your mind is just illusions, it doesn't exist. All fears are illusions. WE need to face our fears, not stuff them and just think positively like society tells us. Then fears manifest and makes things worse when not directly faced. People think Hate is the opposite of love, this is not true. Fear is the opposite of love. Fear leads to ignorance then leads to hate (and more emotions in between). All our emotions stem from 2 roots..... Cultivating Fear, or cultivating Love. Start examining your thoughts, go deeper into them. Don't be fearful of doing so. This false society and education system trains minds to have short attention spans = living in fear. So whenever you're thinking about something, slow down, and ask yourself is this thought from fear or love. then dig deeper into it. This link shows how fear or love affects your DNA frequency and overall vibration.


Observe your thoughts. You'll realize that you are a listener more than a thinker when you dig deep into them. Then ask yourself, who are you that you are listening to ?? Your thoughts are not just in your head, they go everywhere, carried by water is one way- which they will never teach our children in western schools, Nature is astonishingly beautiful and very multi-dimensional, kids in our society will never get to know this-- no wonder so many children are so depressed and in fear (linked up top) in our false western society of illusions (what they are being taught is not natural). Mental prison


I will leave you with this. WE are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are infinite spiritual beings having a human experience. And if you want to see that, go within. A massive spiritual awakening is happening on this planet at this time, tune into that and away from physical thoughts and materialism. You guys remember how stupid I was about money and materialism etc. That life is so fake and empty. Go within yourself my friends, and you will have it all, more than you ever dreamed possible. We are multi-dimensional super beings, in a very multi-dimensional world, galaxy, and universe along infinite universes. It's all imprinted in your cells, mind and soul already. Seeking for truth outside of yourself will only look like this, and besides, haven't you had enough of this already ?:


Love & Light,

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With all the peace, love, namastes and hippy-dippy shit you're throwing around in this thread, are you also prepared to come clean and admit that this insanely Miami Heat/Dwayne Wade obsessed poster (Link (http://www.forumice.com/showthread.php?43561-Miami-Heat)) was in fact you?

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So this is Teeds right?

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It's Richie Incognito.

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So this is Teeds right?
Nahh, I think it's been documented that teeds and LN are different people. He just happens to be another former regular poster that obviously suffers with some kind of serious mental illness.

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It's Richie Incognito.


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