View Full Version : Looking for Replacement Manager for 4 Sport Keeper League

The Madhatter
10-23-2014, 03:56 PM
Afternoon guys,

I am posting this as the fantasy league that I run on Yahoo Sports and this site Forum Ice, is looking to possibly replace 1-2 managers in the league that have become less active as the year went along. It covers the 4 major sports (Basketball, Baseball, Hockey and Football) and the same 12 guys compete in all 4 leagues. We are now just entering the 2nd full season for the round of sports and the manager(s) looking to join would have to do so for all 4 sports.

Teams are allowed to keep 4 players for the Basketball and Football league, and 6 for the Hockey and Basetball. The winner of each league also gets to keep one additional keeper as a reward for the title. Our leagues also have a rookie draft concept that each year teams will also draft a farm team that they will also add to there keeper list for a period of time.

Anyone interested can send me an email at jason.lecomte12@gmail.com. As mentioned above we use Yahoo Sports for all the league play, but we use Forum Ice for our rookie drafts, keeping track of trades and other miscellaneous posts for our league. If you want a player list of the teams to take over, want to see some of the rookies or any other questions please send me an email or a private message here on the site.