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chaos X effect
06-25-2015, 11:14 AM

Tonight on Syfy at 8/7 C, The Authority is slated to kickoff SmackDown, three days after reuniting with WWE Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins on Monday to lay waste to Brock Lesnar on Raw. What do they have to say about the vicious attack that left The Beast Incarnate motionless in the middle of the ring? The power group must be riding high, despite the fact that The Anomaly broke three ribs of J&J Security’s Jamie Noble.

Will the injuries sustained by Noble affect the morale of the united Authority? What are their plans moving forward to WWE Battleground on July 19? And with their newfound confidence, what will The Architect and company have in store for the best show on Thursday night?

Bray Wyatt clearly wants to put an end to Roman Reigns. Since his surprise attack on Reigns at WWE Money in the Bank, The Eater of Worlds has definitely crossed the line, noticeably shaking his black-clad adversary in the process. What will he do to get inside the mind of The Big Dog next? Is Reigns prepared for another psychological bout? And will this all happen on tonight’s SmackDown?

Sheamus and Dolph Ziggler have an extensive history, and they will add another chapter to their rivalry tonight on SmackDown! It’s the Brogue Kick vs. the superkick, and only one Superstar can stand victorious.

Three days after his knockdown, drag-out battle against Roman Reigns on Raw, The Celtic Warrior will surely have the Money in the Bank contract by his side. On the other hand, The Showoff will have the lovely Lana by his. Considering the current level of frustration of Lana’s former flame Rusev, will The Bulgarian Brute make his presence felt tonight?

Since winning the WWE Tag Team Championships, The Prime Time Players have ridden a wave of momentum unlike ever before. The New Day is the most positive team in WWE and they have their sights set on tag team gold. With the rematch official for WWE Battleground, what will The New Day have planned to slow down the momentum of the champions on SmackDown?

At WWE Battleground, Ryback is defending his Intercontinental Championship against two former champions in The Miz and Big Show. While the Miz is away at WWE Tough Enough, what about the giant?

Monday on Raw, in the midst of a fierce backstage brawl, the Intercontinental Champion fed on The World’s Largest Athlete, slamming him headfirst into a steal door. Ryback has overcome much in his career, but considering the Big Show’s past ties to the newly reunited Authority, will he be able to steer clear of them tonight on SmackDown?

chaos X effect
06-26-2015, 01:24 PM
Really nice match between Seth and Dean last night.