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  1. JackBurton

    NHL Playoff Predictions-Covid Cup Edition

    We'll start with Qualifying round and round robin. East Montreal Canadiens OVER Pittsburgh Penguins in 4 New York Rangers OVER Carolina Hurricanes in 4 New York Islanders OVER Florida Panthers in 5 Toronto Maple Leafs OVER Columbus Blue Jackets in 3 Round Robin Results: No. 1 Washington...
  2. JackBurton

    NHL Predictions: 2019-2020 Edition

    East: Atlantic: Tampa Toronto Florida Boston (WC) Montreal Buffalo Detroit Ottawa Metro: Hurricanes Capitals Flyers Devils (WC) Penguins Islanders Blue Jackets Rangers West: Pacific: Vegas Flames San Jose Coyotees Canucks Oilers Ducks Central: Stars Avalanche Blues Blackhawks...
  3. JackBurton

    OT: Dating

    Just a new subject for summer with so little hockey going on and Jays sucking dick. Anyone ever trying dating on the internet? I've recently tried and it's quite interesting. What's your thoughts?
  4. JackBurton

    2019 Stanley Cup Playoff Predictions

    East: Tampa over Columbus in 6 Toronto over Boston in 6 Capitals over Hurricanes in 5 Isles over Penguins in 7 West: Stars over Preds in 6 Blues over Jets in 7 Sharks over Knights in 7 Colorado over Calgary in 6
  5. JackBurton

    Leafs VS the Worst NHL Team With No First Round Pick-Oct-6 @ 6 PM-CBC in Toranna

    Next Time You Are in Ottawa, Watch Out for Killer Beach Balls! https://www.cbssports.com/nhl/news/look-ottawa-senators-drop-the-ball-with-pregame-stunt-that-hurts-kids-spills-beers/ The only good part of Eugene Melnyk is the liver he got from someone else! There will be less people at an...
  6. JackBurton

    2018-2019 NHL Predictions

    East Metropolitan 1. Washington 2. Philly 3. Pittsburgh 4. Carolina (WC) 5. Columbus 6.New Jersey 7. NY Rangers 8. NY Islanders Atlantic 1.Toronto 2.Tampa 3.Florida...
  7. JackBurton

    2015-16 NHL Predictions

    Let's have at it! 1.Tampa Bay Lightning 2.Pittsburgh Penguins 3.Columbus Blue Jackets 4.NY Islanders 5.Montreal Canadiens 6.Washington Capitals 7.Detroit Red Wings 8.Florida Panthers West: 1.Anaheim Ducks 2.Dallas Stars 3.Chicago Blackhawks 4.Minnesota Wild 5.St.Louis Blues 6.Colorado...
  8. JackBurton

    Pan Am Games

    Anyone going? Anyone Care? I'm checking-out Canada vs. DR in Ajax next Saturday.
  9. JackBurton

    2014-15' NHL predictions

    Not just Habs/Sens/Leafs. Make some wacky predictions the "experts" don't have the balls to. -The Leafs finish 5th in the East and vastly improve puck possession/shots against. -Phil Kessel misses his first NHL game in 5 years. -Kadri scores over 60 points for the Leafs. -Gardiner scores over...