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    TV Ratings for Sports are way down -- why?

    Got this from Tyler Cowens's site, Marginal Revolution. Pretty interesting. It is not about NBA politics: US Open (golf) final round: down 56% US Open (tennis) was down 45% and the French open is down 57% so far Kentucky Derby: down 43% Indy 500: down 32% Through four weeks, NFL viewership is...
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    Georges "The Prophet" Laraque

    April 12,2016 http://www.hockeyinsideout.com/news/former-canadien-laraque-says-subbans-teammates-are-jealous-of-him “When the King Clancy Trophy got announced the entire NHL — executives, everybody — felt, you know what, this is done. P.K.’s going to win it across the league,” Laraque said...
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    How Many Points for Subban (with Laviolette as his coach)?

    I'm being serious as I think this will be an interesting subplot all year. What if Subban goes beastmode in Nashville's up tempo style? 80 points? Another Norris? How much egg will Bergevin and Therrien wear on their faces? You know PK would like nothing better. Interesting comment from PK's...
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    How about a hand for Max?

    His streak is over but he's 7th in the league in golas. Despite a crap power play that has only helped him score 4 PP goals. Explains why his +/- is a gaudy +22.
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    Michael Farber + PK Subban = great piece in SI

    Long read. Super interesting. http://www.si.com/vault/2014/11/24/106672559/you-cant-stay-angry-at-pk-subban
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    Hab playoff gif thread

    I can't get enough of that shit. Thanks in advance.
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    Habs are #1 in the NHL

    The folks at FiveThirtyEight.com ran the numbers using Google search frequency to determine franchise popularity across North America http://fivethirtyeight.com/datalab/the-distribution-of-fandom-in-pro-leagues/ Habs were #1 in the NHL, ahead of the Leafs. Canucks and Bruins were a distant 3rd...