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    Lineup Your Lineups WTF its September? Edition

    JVR-Kadri-Komarov Michalek-Matthews-Nylander Soshnikov-Bozak-Marner Martin-Laich-Brown Hyman Marincin-Rielly Gardiner-Zaitsev Hunwick-Carrick Corrado-Polak Andersen Enroth
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    Pick #57 - Carl Grundstrom

    Carl Grundstrom - 5'11, 194 - Dec. 1, 1997 - Modo - SHL
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    Pick #31 - Yegor Korshkov - KHL

    6'3 180
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    The ****ing Training Camp Thread

    Just some interesting early notes: Paul Hendrick ‏ Matt Hunwick and Dion Phaneuf are D partners this morning. #TMLtalk Mitch Marner lines up on the wing this morning with Peter Holland in the middle and Richard Panik on the other side. #TMLtalk Mike Babcock emphasis immediately is on D-zone...
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    Leafs acquire Grabner from Isles.

    Leafs get Grabner and a bunch of contract space for a ****load o f shitty prospects. Finn, Nilsson, verhaeghe, beck and Gibson.
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    Draft of Draft Rules

    Here is the draft of the rules for the Entry Draft. The bold is areas where the rules have not been cemented yet. If you have any comments let me know. 1. General 1.1. The annual Forum Ice Dynasty League entry draft (the “Entry Draft”) will begin on the [second Friday in July], 1.2. The...
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    GDT: Leafs vs. Smurfs - Round 790 - 7:00 PM - Sports Net

    Mark Masters Kadri on Kozun: "His centre of gravity is low to the ground & he can kind of shift off, similar to those smaller Montreal forwards" Now we have a smurf of our own.
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    The ****ing Season Thread

    **** the offseason. Its the ****ing season. Nonis is having his first presser of the year. Some interesting stuff. James Mirtle Nonis says he could see Komarov getting some time on the power play. Nonis: "Those players that have the higher salaries have to perform... There's other guys...
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    Trade Toberone/LM101

    To Toberone: LM101 2nd Round Rookie Pick 2014 To LM101: Toberone 2nd Round Rookie Pick 2015 Toberone 8th Round FA Pick 2014
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    2014 Hockey Hall of Fame Class

    Jon Rosen ‏ Rob Blake will be inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in November. A very special phone call from earlier today:
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    Open Spots in Long Running Dynasty Hockey League

    If anyone is interested in another hockey league, there are a couple openings in another league I am in. I have been in the league for over a decade now, there are a bunch of good guys and its pretty fun an competitive. 27 teams, 48 man rosters with 12 forwards, 6 D, 2 goalies, 8 man bench and...
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    Lineup Your Lineups Brendan Shanahan Edition

    I will start off by saying that if you can acquire a guy like Staal, or Spezza do it. For these purposes I am assuming no blockbuster steal is available. Goaltending Free Agents Tomas Griess - 1-2 years @ $975k. He is a proven backup with a career .915 starting 20ish games a year. He is the...