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  1. Wayward DP

    Simmonds resigns, 2 years

    damn AAV - $900,000. not thrilled.
  2. Wayward DP

    Happy Legalization Day

    I must say, it is going to feel strange to light up legally. Curious to hear people's thoughts on the different regimes. I'm in Halifax and went to the 'NSLC - Cannabis' store this morning. The government will need to step up their game to compete with the black market. I really don't know who...
  3. Wayward DP

    Freddie Andersen

    We're now over halfway through the season, and almost two full years into the Freddie Andersen era. The consensus on these boards seems to have been that he is about a league average goalie who will go on unsustainable hot streaks while also having some pretty miserable stretches of play...
  4. Wayward DP

    GDT - Leafs @ Stars - Jan 25

    When was the last time we had a two game win streak? Hopefully McBackup is on his game.
  5. Wayward DP

    GDT - Leafs @ Caps, HNIC, Nov 25

    Both teams played last night. Holtby vs McElhinney Go Buds Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Wayward DP

    GDT - Blues @ Leafs; 1930, SNO

    I'm assuming Jake Allen will be in net for the Blue, and Freddie for us. Need some redemption from the thumping they gave us last week. Blues are coming off a dominant performance over the Sens, and seem to have turned things around under Yeo. They're a pretty big and physical team, the kind...