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  1. GGpX

    Couple thoughts after losing 5 in a row

    -You can have a bunch of really awesome wingers, that's great and all. However, with the exception of the truly elite talents in NHL history, wingers do not drive offense. Centers do. We have a #2 playing the role of a #1, a #3 playing the role of a #2, and a #4 in the role of a #3. -Then we go...
  2. GGpX

    Theoretically: What would you give up to acquire Jack Eichel?

    *Caveat: Assuming Buffalo is willing to trade him here and assuming his medicals are fine. Purely theoretical: Forget the salary cap for a second and forget the probabilities of him actually getting traded here. What assets would you be willing to give up to acquire Eichel? I'm curious to see...
  3. GGpX

    This was entirely predictable - Weber might not play next season

    If he doesn't play next season, he's (for all intents and purposes) retired.
  4. GGpX

    Ten words I genuinely never thought I'd hear.

    The Montreal Canadiens are headed to the Stanley Cup Finals. I was 4 years old, a month before turning 5, when the Canadiens won in 1993, I don't have a single memory of it. I've watched the whole finals in various ways over the years and I know the lore around the team. I don't have any real...
  5. GGpX

    To quote the late great Bernie Mac,

    I ain't scared of you muthafuckas. I ain't scared of no fuckin' team that can't generate offense from their forwards. Las Vegas has scored 8 total goals this series, 6 (75%) of which come from their defense. Game 1 = 4 -> Theodore, Martinez, Holden Game 2 = 2 -> Pietrangelo x2 Game 3 = 2 ->...
  6. GGpX

    2021 Playoff Thread | Round 2 | Habs/Jets

    Game 1 on Wednesday. The rest of schedule hasn't been released yet, or so I don't think.
  7. GGpX

    Just Win, Baby

    Series starts in less than two hours. This roster, flaws and all, was built for this time of year. This is supposed to be a playoff-type team with an expectation to win. Prospects and youth be damned, veterans and experience be favored. Everything that's happened in the last decade can be...
  8. GGpX

    (Close this) When Julien eventually gets fired, who do you want as the next coach?

    Rather straight-forward question. My personal opinion has been the same for as long as I can remember, I'm French and I don't care what the head coach's mother tongue. I've also always maintained this notion that the head coach has to be French is a media-created myth to help les villageois...
  9. GGpX

    Laval Rocket Thread

    For those interested, tonight's season opener is on RDS and a bunch of games will be on RDS over the season. Game is at 7PM. I'll see if I can spare some time to watch. Projected lines: Veilleux - Weal - Harvey-Pinard Dauphin - Poehling - Lucchini Teasdale - Blandisi - Ylonen Pezzetta -...
  10. GGpX

    Random thoughts after 11 games (No tl;dr version)

    Just a bunch of random thoughts, some that could use a little more elaboration but it's late and I'm tired. -Before the season, I had the Habs coming in third in this division behind Toronto & Vancouver. I still think Toronto's going to win the division, but I don't think it's as clear cut as...
  11. GGpX

    Hypothetically: Would you trade Nick Suzuki for Alexis Lafrenière?

    This is not a "would New Yawk/Montréal do it" thread, this is purely a question of preference as a fan of the team. The question is simple: Would you trade Nick Suzuki for Alexis Lafrenière? No other assets, one for one. I believe Lafrenière is going to be a perennial top-15 to top-20 player...
  12. GGpX

    Around The League: 2021-2022

    Yesterday was the first day of playoffs. I watched the Carolina-NYR game, it was sloppy. Watched the first period of the Deadmonton-Chicago game and... They're going to waste McDavid & Draisaitl there, aren't they? Good God are they bad defensively. And Jonathan Toews big brothered McDavid in...
  13. GGpX

    Four years later, the colossal failure the Subban-Weber trade represents

    (Part 1, because apparently my text was too long due to a 10,000 character limit on posts) It's Canada Day, I have some free time and I felt like writing something. I will not include a tl;dr resumé at the end for those who are lazy and don't want to read my wall of text. So... Who won the...
  14. GGpX

    OT: NFL Thread

    The old one seems to have disappeared and I can't find it anywhere. Oh well. Happy Kirk Cousins won, especially in New Orleans. Seriously, though... The NFL's overtime rule might be one of the dumbest rules in all of sports.
  15. GGpX

    2020 NHL Entry Draft

    This season's draft is looking absolutely stacked at the top-end, it's ridiculously good. Alexis Lafrenière & Quinton Byfield are going to be fighting for the #1 spot all year. As we stand, both are leading their leagues in scoring respectively. Other possible top-10 picks: Yarsolav Askarov -...
  16. GGpX

    Habs select Kieran Ruscheinski 206th overall

    Big, hulking d-man from the Alberta Midget AAA league. Like seemingly half of the people we took today, I never heard of him before we selected them.
  17. GGpX

    Habs select Rafaël Harvey-Pinard 201st overall

    Small, overaged forward from Royun. The token Québécois.
  18. GGpX

    Habs select Arsen Khisamutdinov 170th overall

    Quick Google search didn't get me a scouting report. If someone has one, feel free to post it.
  19. GGpX

    Habs select Frederik Nissen Dichow 138th overall

    Props to anyone who can find a scouting report on him, I can't even find basic stats on him.
  20. GGpX

    Habs select Rhett Pitlick 131st overall

    If someone can find a scouting report for him, please share. Thanks.