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  1. JFG

    Cable TV Alternatives for Watching Canes Games

    I thought I would start up this thread because my current option for watch Canes games on the Fox's Sports Go app isn't the best. It works, but there is no Fast Forward feature to get past the commercials and intermissions. I don't mind watching our games a day or so later, as long as I can FF...
  2. JFG

    Draft Lottery @ 8 PM Tonight (4/15)

    On TSN and NBCSN at 8 PM and rebroadcast at 8:30 PM on NHL Network. Canes with a 4.7% chance of hitting the jackpot. New Jersey with a 0% chance. "The New Jersey Devils will not be eligible to win the Draft Lottery and will select 30th overall in the First Round." What did NJ do...
  3. JFG

    GDT: DeadCanes vs CandyThings 4/11 @ 7:30

    Isn't there a game tonight? Or was it called off because nobody cares?