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  1. CanadaCanes

    Canes Defense Rebuild

    The biggest fix this summer for the Canes has to be an attempt at rebuilding the defense. Love to hear some opinion on the quickest, best way for Francis and company to rebuild the blueline. For me it starts with a little bit of luck on draft day...if Noah Hanifin was still available at 5 for...
  2. CanadaCanes

    Trade Deadline Has Passed-Where Do The Canes Go From Here?

    So now that the trade deadline has come and gone and the Canes made the expected moves to deal away or extend most of the pending UFA's...where do they honestly go from here? I see a bunch of over-inflated contracts that do not seem to be living up to potential in Semin, Skinner, Jordan and...
  3. CanadaCanes

    Anyone Have $420 Million To Buy the Canes?

    Ponytail Pete wants $420 million and a new partner in crime to buy the Hurricanes... "What I am trying to do is set up a reasonable succession plan because I'm not one of those guys who thinks I am going to go on forever," Karmanos said in an interview. "I'd like to have a partner again...but...
  4. CanadaCanes

    2014 NHL Entry Draft Thread

    Less than a month away until the draft in Philadelphia. Let's start some chatter on the Canes draft position, overall needs and prospects available. The Canes draft seventh overall in round 1, and as much as the sentimental favorite will be Kasperi Kapanen...a smallish right winger seems like...