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    EFf Loads of Seats

    I have the following games for sale. Just looking to recover face value (ticket pricing is dynamic and range from $210 to $440 per pair, depending on night / opponent). 10th row corner greens on the aisle. DM or email (mbow30@hotmail) if interested. Saturday Oct 15 - Ott Monday Oct 17 - Zona...
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    Hot dogs

    Poll closes Friday at 1159pm
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    Gdt: oilers - kings

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    Holy Shti - WE MADE THE F@&$ing PLAYOFFS

    they’re charging FOURTEEN THOUSAND, FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS for a pair of platinums for 4 Stanley cup games. A deep run is one hell of a gravy train for MLSE.
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    Leafs Tix

    Would anybody here be interested in tix? I’m in a seat share and not too keen on sitting in the ACC just yet (but don’t want to lose my seats). Would be selling at cost, unless I hate you. Upper bowl. DM if you are interested.
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    Big signing thread

    Didn’t see this anywhere and thought it deserves it’s own thread.
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    Zeke Poll

    We need to settle it
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    Gdt leafs flyers

    Let’s see em phist the phlyers
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    The Andersen Thread

    So we have crossed the 75 game mark and, 2 games back, Andersen started his 60th regular season game for the first time in his career. We're at a point where we can start drawing some conclusions about him. First, the eye test: (1) There is no doubt about his ability to hold down a starting...
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    Leafs sign Miro Aaltonen

    Highest scoring u 24 in the k this year http://www.tsn.ca/leafs-agree-to-terms-with-f-aaltonen-1.699403
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    Classy Stuff From Phil

    http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/video/kessel-brings-cup-to-toronto-s-sick-kids-hospital~913577 http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/video/kessel-brings-cup-to-toronto-s-sick-kids-hospital~913577
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    Welcome Thread

    11-12 years of poor performances, (almost) no playoff appearances, incompetent coaching, poor management, poor drafting and horrible signings has left us all jaded, bitter and caring far less about the leafs than most of us used to. That, and other factors, has seen some long time stalwart...
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    OT - is the site glitchy for anybody else?

    been screwy the past few days across all of my devices (chrome is integrated, though, so could be a chrome thing?)
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    6 day vacation

    booked the 26-2nd off. Gonna go away somewhere. Dying to do Nicaragua but may wait until I have some more time off in December. Any suggestions?
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    How's this for a stat

    2013-2014: Most GP Without a Point 1. Orr 54 GP 2. McLaren 27 GP 3. Sill 20 GP 4. Smithson 18 GP
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    Three Steps To Fix the Leafs

    While we may disagree about the extent of the changes required to bring this team back to playoff contention, I think we all agree that significant changes are required. I think somebody started a 'The Offseason Thread' already, but I'd like to see a thread that consolidates our ideas about what...
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    The only silver lining

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ErVeNJZxQM&noredirect=1 14 points in his past 28 games. He has 11 pp assists, which is tied for 22nd in the league -- his ppg pace would bring him up to 17th -- and he's doing that on the second unit, with 126 of total pp ice time (1:53/game). he is currently...
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    is there any way to corroborate this?

    Clarkson's 15 point pace over 82 games is the lowest single season ppg by an NHL forward earning $5m or more?
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    OT: Greatest City in the World

    vote for which city you think is the greatest in the world.
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    I come in Peace and Pure Love

    Whoever closed that thread is an idiot. This discussion needs to happen. This is serious stuff, people.