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  1. HockeyPat

    Canes Extend John, Tripp & Mike Plus Added TV Service Chatter/YouTube TV

    My YouTube TV is better than cable and way cheaper. I also have Netflix and Disney+. All together that is $75.04. Even if you count the $49.99 I pay Spectrum for internet service, it's $125.03. I'm going to have the internet whether I watch one second of TV or not. It's still better than the...
  2. HockeyPat

    Canes Extend John, Tripp & Mike Plus Added TV Service Chatter/YouTube TV

    I've made two runs at Hulu. It was unacceptable. The picture frequently froze or did this crazy thing where it looked like I was watching through a glass of water. Has it improved in the last couple of months? I'm not inclined to pay for it again if it's just going to frustrate me.
  3. HockeyPat

    2019-20 Miscellaneous NHL/Hockey News Thread

    I tuned in Monday and saw Liverpool play WestCentraEastlHamshirefordtonontheThamesfort United. West Ham went up 2-1. Then West Ham looked at the scoreboard and completely caved in. I know next to nothing about Futbool, but I've never seen a team go from playing so welly to so poorly so...
  4. HockeyPat

    Canes Acquire Vincent Trocheck

    It's much hard to get 2nd line centres than to find a 3/4C. I loved Wally. He can be replaced.
  5. HockeyPat

    GDT: Canes v. Stars 2/25 7:00

    Oh I know, I just think they always list Staal as our second line centre because he gets paid so much.
  6. HockeyPat

    GDT: Canes v. Stars 2/25 7:00

    I don't hate those lines. Anybody else think our 3rd line is really our 2nd line?
  7. HockeyPat

    Canes Get Skjei from NYR

    So to be clear. The Hurricanes didn’t trade for a jet ski?
  8. HockeyPat

    Trade Deadline Thread

    Looks like we did get him
  9. HockeyPat

    Trade Deadline Thread

    We may have Vatanen
  10. HockeyPat

    GDT: Canes @ Maple Leafs 2/22 7:00

    Of course they should. duh. And that Matthews guy, he's holding them back. Blow it up Leafs. Blow'em up real good!
  11. HockeyPat

    2019-20 Miscellaneous NHL/Hockey News Thread

    You can't defend yourself in concussion lawsuits if you allow players to hit each other in the head with their fists.
  12. HockeyPat

    Canes Acquire Keane from NYR for Gauthier

    I want to dump Gardiner and his +$4 million. It doesn't have to be now, but before next season starts.
  13. HockeyPat

    2019-20 Canes Miscellaneous News Thread

    It will be fun and I do plan on attending. But let's wait see if there actually is one. Plus, it more important to me to not feed the troll.
  14. HockeyPat

    2019-20 Miscellaneous NHL/Hockey News Thread

    I've had two friends tell me they thought the games were "pre-decided" like professional wrestling and the refs were there to (eventually) break up the fights. (That they helped cause by letting players get away with cheap crap). Another friend gave up on hockey a few years back because he...
  15. HockeyPat

    GDT: Canes v. Canucks 2/2 2:00

    Each time I tell myself to just forget about the refs and accept nothing will be done and they might actually even out after all... A game like yesterday happens. I think whining about officiating can ruin your enjoyment of a sport. Yet, I can't ignore yesterday's painfully poor attempt by...
  16. HockeyPat

    GDT: Canes v. Jets 1/21 7:00

    I always say "Slaaaaaaaaavin, with the stick working and the defensing and OY face-off in the D-zone. Eiii..." I like the 3 on 3 format. I would even go as far as to say I wish all games were 3 on 3.
  17. HockeyPat

    2019-20 Miscellaneous NHL/Hockey News Thread

    Let's crunch sum numbers. Staal, Jordan C, LW 31 $6,000,000 Reimer, James G 31 $3,400,000 $9,400,000 Nope, that won't get us there... Fleury, Haydn LD 23 $850,000 $10,250,000 Now we can afford him! No way Montreal doesn't want those guys!!!
  18. HockeyPat

    GDT: Canes v. Coyotes 1/10 7:30

    I watched the Ning/Yotes game last night. Tampa jumped on them early and often. Then it broke down into what Chuck K would call "a disjointed game" It's a classic burn the tape and move on game for Arizona. I'm thinking they will show up as a motivated team, especially from the start.
  19. HockeyPat

    The Justin Williams Return Thread

    I think Nino is the odd man out for now. He's clearly needs to be traded every mid-season to get his best effort.
  20. HockeyPat

    2019-20 Misc. Grab Bag Thread

    So, where are the cat videos?