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  1. HockeyPat

    Ottawa is having a yard sale

    Yesterday defenseman Mark Borowiecki and owner Eugene Melnyk discussed Ottawa's future. Actual quote from Melnyk "This coming year we’re going to have 10 out of the 22 players are going to be new. Meaning they’re either rookies or they’ve played maybe under 10 games last year. Then the...
  2. HockeyPat

    Edmonton has needs

    Andrej Sekera had surgery to repair a torn Achilles tendon and will be sidelined indefinitely. Edmonton needs a right handed D-man. We have four right handed D-men. Edmonton may have salary cap problems when it comes time to sign Nurse. I think Pesce should be an option. Slavin-Hamilton...
  3. HockeyPat

    New Goal Celebration Song

    I can't believe this incredibly important news has not been analyzed here. I hate the one we've used lately. I keep expecting those guys from SNL to pop up and start head bobbing. Very lame. I liked the one that had Blur, Chewbacca, Fred Flinstone, Homer Simpson, et el. At least play...
  4. HockeyPat

    Seattle 25,000 season-ticket deposits (sold) in one hour

    Things look even better for the Seattle effort. https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/nhl/columnist/allen/2018/03/14/seattle-nhl-expansion-bid-creates-bigger-buzz-than-vegas/426238002/ Me likely.
  5. HockeyPat

    So, what do we know about available GMs?

    I'm thinking they should give me a try, but I bet you guys know some (slightly) better options.
  6. HockeyPat

    College Hurricane's Hats

    Does anyone know where I can get one of those Carolina Hurricane-East Carolina Pirates hats? Thanks!
  7. HockeyPat

    Pre-Season on TV (Mostly the NHL Network)

    Two games tonight (Tues. Sept 19) are on the NHL Network if you would like to see people play hockey. CHI at CBJ 7:00 PM ET NHLN-US, CSN-CH+ VGK at COL 9:00 PM ET NHLN-US (JIP), ALT The Hurricanes hosting Warshington on Sept. 29 will also be on the NHL Network. No, I don't work for the NHL...
  8. HockeyPat

    Would you...Trade Jordan Staal for Matt Duchene

    I saw a quote where Jim Rutherford said as far as he knew Jordan Staal was not available. That might suggest that he would like Jordan for his third line centre. Riddle me this sports-fans. If the Penguins were to somehow acquire Duchene, would anyone here consider a straight trade of Jordan...
  9. HockeyPat

    Ya gotta give to live

    We have #12 overall, 3 second round and 3 third round picks. I believe its a weak draft and I don't care if we trade a 1st or 2nd round pick if it gets us some offense. We have some interesting prospects: (I'm going to be generous) Jake Bean Julien Gauthier Janne Kuokkanen Haydn Fleury Aleksi...
  10. HockeyPat

    Ticket ???

    I have a pdf of my ticket on my phone (in my phone?) Do I need to print the ticket or can it be scanned from my phone? Thanks
  11. HockeyPat

    Who is up for a rebuild. You know how to say it!

    Blow it up!
  12. HockeyPat

    I've got two tickets to paradise

    Actually it's just tonight's game. Section 320, Row A (That's the mezzanine) seats 21-22 Tickets are free or best offer* contact me telepathicly or a PM will do