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    Hockey is Fun Again

    Can't get over where we are from where we started. I keep reflecting on where we started and where we are this morning! No one on this board predicted the Hurricanes would be a playoff team this season. No one! (I stand corrected-- see comments below!)...
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    GDT: Boston Bruins @ Carolina Hur, err, Whalers? 12/23/18 at 5PM

    The Hurricanes will sport Hartford Whaler uniforms today-- kelly green and blue. On of the best crests ever designed. Unfortunately, the Canes enter today's tilt as one of the last teams in the Eastern Conference and having scored only one goal in their past two games. Here's hoping Santa is...
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    GDT: Carolina Hurricanes @ Ottawa Senators

    The Canes (32-31-11) are north of the border tonight in Canada's capital city to face the Ottawa Senators (26-36-11). Two struggling teams who are both at the end of overwhelmingly disappointing seasons. Erik Karlsson is returning tonight after missing two games-- similar circumstances as the...
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    GDT: Carolina v Toronto 10/26/17 @ 7:00PM

    The Hurricanes are back on the road tonight, playing the Toronto Maple Leafs at the ACC. Toronto is a fast, high scoring team. However, they struggle against teams that play a highly structured, patient game (see OTT). Anderson is playing .900 hockey, which is a concern, but given Toronto's...
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    World Cup of Hockey: The NHL and NHLPA Showcase

    While the tournament does not officially start until September 17th, teams are assembled and tonight's scrimmage between Team USA and Team Canada is being broadcast on ESPNU at 7PM. What: Team USA vs. Team Canada When: Friday, 7 p.m. (EDT) Where: Nationwide Arena, Columbus, Ohio TV: ESPNU...
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    Offseason discussion

    Well, the season is over and no post-season for the Hurricanes. I'm guessing it's pretty safe to call it "off season" for our team. I anticipate hearing about exit interviews in the coming days and Ron Francis' comments about the season as a whole, etc... So, I guess we can do a catch-all off...
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    Glen Sather stepped down as GM

    Don't know why I missed it, but apparently I'm not the only one- haven't seen it discussed anywhere. Sather has stepped down ass Ranger GM, replaced by Jeff Gorton. http://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/hockey/glen-sather-steps-down-as-new-york-rangers-gm/article25223638/
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    2015: Free Agency Frenzy

    The 2015 NHL entry level draft is over, selections made and some dreams made and others were dashed. Free agency starts tomorrow and trades are still to be made. This will be the last flurry of activity before the league goes dormant for the summer and training camps start in September. Very...
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    Congrats to Kryptonite Kritter! Well done on your 1st place finish! For the rest of you guys, I enjoyed my first year in the FI Keeper league and looking forward to next year! May you all enjoy your summer and see you in the fall.
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    McClement Extended: Jay Signed for 2 years

    http://hurricanes.nhl.com/club/news.htm?id=755781 I'm thinking we've finally put together a decent fourth line- nice piece to have a round going forward.
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    The Hurricanes Trades: speculation has ended and pieces are moving.

    Bob McKenzie reporting via Twitter that Tlusty has been traded to Winnipeg... No details yet Given the length of the last thread and all the speculation, thought a new thread might be in order.
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    GDT: Carolina at Toronto 1/19/15 7:30PM

    The Carolina Hurricanes play their last game before the All Star break tonight in Toronto, taking on a Maple Leaf team that has been in a downward spiral. The Leafs' inconsistent play cost Randy Carlyle his job and since his departure, the Leafs have not improved. The Hurricanes are showing...
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    GDT: Les Penguins @ Hurricanes 11/29/14 @7PM

    Game two, round two of the back-to-back, home-and-home between the Hurricanes and Penguins. Last night the Hurricanes beat the Metropolitan division leading Pittsburgh Penguins. The Hurricanes scored first and kept the pressure up all night. The Hurricanes kept the number one power play from...
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    GDT: Carolina Hurricanes at Pittsburgh Penguins 11/28/14@7PM

    The Carolina Hurricanes finish a five game road trip tonight with the first of a home-and-home against Metro division foes, Pittsburgh Penguins. We'll see Pittsburgh in our barn tomorrow. The Canes have been struggling as of late and are on a three game losing streak. The Penguins have won their...
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    Happy Thanksgiving

    I know many of you will be traveling, spending time with family and friends and cooking huge meals. Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving, good times, safe travels and lots of laughter. And for those of you in Canada and elsewhere, happy Thursday :smile(21): but still sending you the same good...
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    GDT: Carolina Hurricanes v Washington Capitals- 11/8/14@8PM

    The Hurricanes take their four game winning streak to the nation's capital for a Saturday night showdown. For the Hurricanes, this truly has been a NO-vember. October's perfomance indicated that this would be a Canes team with no November wins-- we are now a team with no November losses. The...
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    GDT: Los Angeles Kings versus Carolina Hurricanes 11/2/14@5PM

    Well, the Hurricanes did it! They not only won their first game of the season, they did it in fine fashion, pitching a shut out against the Arizona Coyotes. It was dominant play and a win on home ice. It was a game the Canes should have won and they did. Last night was Bill Peters first win as a...
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    GDT #1: Home Opener- Islanders versus Hurricanes

    If there was ever a tropical sounding sporting event, this is it. Islanders against Hurricanes. Can't you just hear the steel drums, feel the sand between your toes? No? There's always the tailgating- 82 degrees on a Friday afternoon, partly cloudy and only a small chance of rain. Of note, this...
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    All things Staal

    There's been multiple comments made about Eric Staal's captaincy, on ice demeaner and his leadership abilities, and whether or not he's earned his annual salary. He is an Olympic gold medalist, a gold medalist in in the Worlds and has a Stanley Cup ring. He's been an NHL All Star and even walked...
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    Rutherford: Pittsburgh's New GM

    Shall we discuss? http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/story/?id=454122 http://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/rutherford-to-be-hired-as-pens-general-manager/ The Canes' achilles heel further exposed with JR at the helm in Pittsburgh.