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  1. axlsalinger

    OT: Coronavirus Resources

    Updated Worldwide Covid-19 Stats: https://avatorl.org/covid-19/ Daily Canada Covid-19 Update: https://www.canada.ca/en/public-health/services/diseases/2019-novel-coronavirus-infection.html Creating this thread for people to post relevant and up-to-date info on Covid-19. I'll start with 3...
  2. axlsalinger

    2020 Check-in and Keepers Thread

    Let's start off by seeing how many returning managers we have. I believe we had a couple of absentee managers last year, so will probably need a couple of replacements if we're going to keep this league going.
  3. axlsalinger

    Dispersal Draft

    Dispersal Draft 2020 ROUND 1 1. Bash Brothers - Rafael Devers, 3B Boston 2. West Foundation - Walker Buehler, SP LA Dodgers 3. Balls Deep - Freddie Freeman, 1B, ATL ROUND 2 1. Balls Deep - Ozzie Albies, 2B, ATL 2. West Foundation - Austin Meadows, OF, TB 3. Bash Brothers - George Springer...
  4. axlsalinger

    Protected Lists 2020

    I guess if we are going to let the 2 new managers select unprotected players as part of the draft, we'll need to get those lists posted. (Note: This idea is still up for discussion, and we should continue the rule that no team can lose more than 3 players). So post away! 20 Protected 5...
  5. axlsalinger

    New Dynasty Baseball Roto League

    Gauging the interest level of starting up a new fantasy baseball dynasty league, I'm in several points leagues and it would be really fun to have a dynasty rotisserie league going as well. If people are interested, all details are up for debate, but here's what I have in mind to start with...
  6. axlsalinger

    Fantasy Baseball League - Last Minute Managers Needed (Yahoo)

    Hey folks. We have a fantasy baseball league with its own page on FI (link below). https://www.forumice.com/forumdisplay.php?109-ForumICE-Baseball-Keeper-League It's a 12-team league with 3 managers who aren't responding. It's a free Yahoo league, 5x5 Rotisserie scoring, 7 keepers this year...
  7. axlsalinger

    Dispersal Draft 2018 - Done

    DRAFT RESULTS: ROUND 1 1. Emil - Jack Eichel 2. Jonas - Taylor Hall 3. Blueman - Erik Karlsson 4. Habsy - Leon Draisaitl 5. Bobby - Ryan Johansen 6. Kellen - Nico Hischier 7. Bull - John Klingberg ROUND 2 1. Bull - Mikko Rantanen 2. Kellen - Casey Mittelstadt 3. Bobby - 2018 1st overall...
  8. axlsalinger

    FI Dynasty Hockey League Discussion 2018-19

    Let's try to get entry fees and protected lists in by Sunday June 24. Entry Fee: $40 Email: forumicedynasty@hotmail.com As far as I know, we need to replace Mindz and Hairnova. Who's interested in taking over? We will likely do a draft for the 2 new managers to choose their players from...
  9. axlsalinger

    2018-19 FI Dynasty League Discussion

    Yeah, we do need to get the ball rolling on this, and I could definitely use some help. I've already renewed the league, and I'll get the draft order sorted soon. What else do we need to do, and in what order? - determine how many replacement managers we need, and find them - process new...
  10. axlsalinger

    Fantasy Baseball Keeper League

    We have a Forum Ice baseball keeper league on Yahoo (no money involved), and need 1 replacement manager. 6 keepers per team this year, and it's a good team. The draft is tonight at 8:00pm EST. League page below. Anyone interested in taking over? Let me know asap...
  11. axlsalinger

    Draft & Keepers 2018

    A couple of years ago, we implemented a new keepers format of 4-5-6-7-8-7-6-5-4, etc. Since we've done 4 & 5, the # this year should be: 6 Keepers Per Team (7 for last year's Champ - Congratulations to Madpuck!) I set up a live draft in Yahoo, the date and time can definitely be changed so...
  12. axlsalinger

    2017-18 Hockey League Discussion

    Can we get these entry fees cleared up please?
  13. axlsalinger

    2017-18 Roll Call

    Hopefully everyone returns this year. Who's in?
  14. axlsalinger

    OT: Books Worth Reading

    This topic has come up before, but I couldn't find a dedicated thread. Someone posted a question on Quora about great books to read for intellectual purposes, and one user posted a really interesting list (with descriptions) which I'll include below. I've only read a few of these, but do plan to...
  15. axlsalinger

    Contraction Draft Results - Done

    DRAFT ORDER: 1. Tully - Nikolaj Ehlers 2. Deckie - Clayton Keller 3. Volcano - Mark Stone 4. Kritter - Matthew Barzal 5. Artnes - Jeff Skinner 6. Deckie (from Fergy) - Sam Steel 7. Blueman - Noah Juulsen 8. Habspatrol (via Hairnova) - Robin Lehner 9. Matrim - Travis Hamonic 10. BG - Madison...
  16. axlsalinger

    Contraction of Team PBH

    Due largely to Zeke managing his team like Donald Trump manages presidenting, his former team will be contracted. Thanks for PBH for trying to make it work, but we have struggled to find a replacement manager and are out of time. It seems reasonable to contract the team for now. We can always do...
  17. axlsalinger

    2017-18 FI Dynasty Keeper Lists

    Post Yer Keeper Lists Here: 20 Regular Players 25 Minor Leaguers (100 GP Max for Skaters, 60 GP Max for Goalies) 5 Unprotected Any players beyond the 50 listed above must be dropped immediately. Completed 1. Deckie 2. MNIJ 3. Artnes 4. LM101 5. Tully 6. Fergy 7. Kritter 8. BG 9. Timmy 10...
  18. axlsalinger

    Keepers and Live Draft 2017

    I have a lot of stuff going on right now, and not a lot of time, so please help me out in keeping things running as quickly and smoothly as possible. Based on the decision to shake up the league last year, we agreed to implement a # of keepers format of 4-5-6-7-8-7-6-5-4, etc. Since the # was...
  19. axlsalinger

    2016 Rookie Draft - Completed

    For the rookie draft, we use a weighted lottery system, with the bottom 4 teams entered (1st Round Only). This does not apply to the FA Draft. Aside from the rookie draft lotto, draft order is reverse order of last year's standings, league champ picks last, in both drafts. Bottom 4 teams last...
  20. axlsalinger

    Revised 2015-16 Standings + Draft Lottery Results (Announced!!)

    Okay folks. Just took a look at the top-up situation for last season, and there were actually 9 out of 20 teams that required a modification. My apologies for this taking so long, I have been extremely busy and really didn't think this would be a major issue this year. Want to give everyone a...