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2017-18 Cap League Draft


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Lets nail down a date for the draft. It's currently set for Sunday Aug 6th. Does that date work as a starting date for everyone?

Hairnova, can you do the lottery?
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I just held the lottery at http://www.draftpicklottery.com/.

7 balls - Habsy
6 balls - Voracek Norris (kritter)
5 balls - Clutterbuck to nowhere
4 balls - Fresh Prince of Briere
3 balls - not for a Lack of Ryans (LM101)
2 balls - Bull
1 ball - Awesome Matthews

And the winner is...



First Round:
1. Habsy
2. Voracek Norris (kritter)
3. Clutterbuck to nowhere
4. Fresh Prince of Briere
5. not for a Lack of Ryans (LM101)
6. Bull
7. Awesome Matthews
8. Honka if you're horny (M.e)
9. (HP) Price-A-Roni
10. Clutterbuck to nowhere (via It Was Kanesensual)
11. Assassins Inc.
12. Clutterbuck to nowhere (via Hornets)
13. Release the Slavin
14. Clutterbuck to nowhere (via We're The Millers)

Rounds 2-5 go by regular season standings.


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It's a slow draft with a 12 hour time limit... and you can always give someone your list if your pick is coming up.


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I emailed this out the other day but I'm not sure we saw any movement. I've changed it up a bit... can we please have the couple issues taken care of.

With Forum Ice being down except for on Tapatalk I think we need to push the draft back again. I now have it set to go next Saturday Sept 9th.*

Can we have Mindzeye and Kritter pay up please? Then everyone will be paid.*

Roster Violations:
Kritter, you still have 3 guys on the IR.
Millers are juuuust a tad more than $15 MILLION over the cap.*

Can we please get these issues sorted out asap so we can start the draft next weekend?


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We've been working on getting our roster fixed... for some reason I've had absolutely no interest in hockey the past few months, so it's been tough.

Are we allowed to be 10% over the cap or do we have to be under by the draft?


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Well, the good news is that everyone is paid up.

Bad news is that there's a big ol' hurricane heading towards Habsy. I don't think we should start the draft yet. He's going to have far more important things to worry about and there's no chance he'll be able to keep up.

I know we've changed the draft a couple times but I'm going to push it back one more week.

Sorry for the inconvenience everyone.