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2018 MLB Trading Block


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I guess we need a new thread for this year, so here it be.

I'm looking to deal a starter (likely Price or McCullers, maybe Hill or Duffy) as my main bait. Ideally looking for an upgrade in RF, but also need RP or willing to talk about anywhere that's a legit upgrade for me. Could potentially deal for prospects too if that worked.
Also got Smoak and Thames as trade chips to use too.


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I'd move Stanton for multiple good pieces. Would definitely need a very good SP as part of the deal.

Or Bruce... for a good SP.

Also... as per usual... everything is available for a fair price.


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All these players are available for various prices, looking for an upgrade at my UTIL spot, and SP's. All prospects are available as well.

Santana, Carlos 1B - (N/A) Free Agent
Frazier, Adam 2B,LF - PIT
Gyorko, Jedd 3B - STL
Altherr, Aaron LF,RF - PHI
Kemp, Matt LF - ATL
Schwarber, Kyle LF - CHC
Bradley Jr., Jackie CF - BOS
Inciarte, Ender CF - ATL
González, Carlos RF - (N/A) Free Agent
Piscotty, Stephen RF - STL
Maeda, Kenta SP - LAD
Morton, Charlie SP - HOU


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Of course, anyone can be had for the right price, but I'm open to moving the following players:

Chase Headley (1B/3B)
Billy Hamilton (CF)
Odubel Herrera (CF)
Jerad Eickhoff (SP)
Jake Odorizzi (SP)
Matt Shoemaker (SP)
Brandon Finnegan (SP)
Daniel Norris (SP)

I'm also willing to move prospects and picks.

I'm looking to acquire one more high end SP as well as upgrades to RP or perhaps CF


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I'm still looking for a big-time RF, more or less if any of the people in the dispersal draft happened to grab one you're willing to part with.

I'm also interested in another reliever. Not necessarily a top closer, as I don't think I want to deal my top prospects (Mejia/Tucker) quite yet unless if I'm getting a real stud in return. But have some 2nd round picks, Rutherford, maybe even Quantrill depending on the talent that I can get back, or any number of other of my prospects in the right deal.


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Matt Kemp and CarGo available for picks or players with more position flexibility, prospects. Maeda available for picks or prospects.


I'm looking to trade for someone to play first base. It doesn't have to be an elite player, just someone that's serviceable, and plays regularly.

I'd also like to add a cheap, reliable SP.

I'm willing to talk about pretty much any deal. Maybe a package deal? Send me an offer and we can get the ball rolling.


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Nelson is available, looking for SP's in return. Kemp and CarGo available for picks or players with more position flexibility. Maeda available for picks.

Nelson, Jimmy SP - MIL
González, Carlos RF - (N/A)
Kemp, Matt LF - LAD
Piscotty, Stephen RF - OAK
Gyorko, Jedd 3B - STL
Maeda, Kenta SP - LAD
Morton, Charlie SP - HOU
Wilson, Justin RP - CHC
Frazier, Adam 2B,LF - PIT


Currently listening on offers for Andrew Miller if anyone is interested, also willing to listen on pretty much my entire roster


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All with varying levels of availability. Flexible returns, looking for a baseball trade to shore up areas of weakness.