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2019-Whenever Misc. Grab Bag Thread


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OK, good to know. I was going with what somebody who lives next to the intersection said. Obviously they were mistaken.

I wonder if that is the same person that I see always tearing up and down Maynard on his dirt bike. I think it's blue and white. That dude is always ripping down the street waaaay over the posted 35 MPH.

One of the Maynard approaches to that intersection is uphill and you can't see the intersection itself until you are almost in it so it's very important to drive 35 MPH in that area, but sadly, hardly anyone ever does.

Yea. He could be wrong too, but the driver was there at some point. Possible they left and came back?

This is the motorcycle


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Fatal accident at the Old Apex / Maynard intersection near my house. A couple on a motorcycle got hit straight on by a car that apparently drove off afterwards. That intersection is downright awful. I've seen many accidents there during my years at this house. The intersection of High House and Maynard isn't much better.
That intersection has been a nightmare for freaking decades man. Our DOT district is one of the better ones in NC, but they just can't seem to get their head around a few trouble spots for whatever reason.


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BOA stadium going to field turf this summer. 16 NFL stadiums have turf and 16 have grass
With the soccer team starting, that will save wear and tear on the grass.

I guess because I’ve purchased tickets for the International Champions Cup at BOA, I’ve been invited to become an inaugural STM for Charlotte FC and attend select-a-seat next Saturday.