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Around the League 2018-2019 Edition


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Or simplified, with just 1. Qoc, 2. Average p60 and p1/60 at ES, 3. Average p60 and p1/60 on PP, 3. Average of cfrel and xgfrel.

McDavid (22, 12.5x8): 222gms, A+ qoc, ES 2.60, PP 4.53, +5.5rel
Matthews (22, 11.6x5): 232gms, A qoc, ES 2.45, PP 5.61, +1.5rel
Marner (22, 10.9x6): 261gms, A qoc, ES 2.12, PP 5.81, -0.3rel
Point (23, ????????): 250gms, A qoc, ES 1.99, PP 4.62, +0.6rel
Pastrnak (21, 6.7x6): 178gms, B+ qoc, ES 1.97, PP 4.99, +4.0rel
Boeser (22, 5.9x3): 138gms, B qoc, ES 1.94, PP 4.73, +2.1rel
Nylander (22, 7.0x6): 198gms, B+ qoc, ES 1.82, PP 5.19, +2.2rel
Konecny (22, 5.5x6): 238gms, B qoc, ES 1.81, PP 2.03, -1.5rel
Ehlers (22, 6.0x7): 251gms, B+ qoc, ES 1.80, PP 3.24, +1.2rel
Connor (23, ??????): 201gms, A qoc, ES 1.80, PP 3.22, -2.4rel
Draisaitl (22, 8.5x8): 204gms, A qoc, ES 1.77, PP 4.52, +2.7rel
Aho (22, 8.5x5): 256gms, A qoc, ES 1.76, PP 4.27, +1.8rel
Laine (21, ???????): 260gms, B qoc, ES 1.72, PP 4.86, -5.0rel
Rantanen (23, ???): 246gms, A+ qoc, ES 1.71, PP 4.94, +0.4rel
Meier (23, 6.0x4): 228gms, B+ qoc, ES 1.70, PP 3.39, +3.8rel
Eichel (22, 10.0x8): 209gms, B+ qoc, ES 1.66, PP 4.74, 0.0rel
Larkin (22, 6.1x5): 246gms, B+ qoc, ES 1.65, PP 2.03, -0.6rel
Schmaltz (23, 5.9x7): 183gms, B+ qoc, ES 1.64, PP 2.68, -2.8rel
Keller (21, 7.2x8): 167gms, B qoc, ES 1.58, PP 3.55, -2.2rel


The OMG was not disputing the claim but rather than you've taken their negotiating line.

In any event, the issue was whether there has been a big bump in RFA deals outside of Marner this year. There hasn't.


Mucho good.

Those numbers are, of course, affected by his spike in production last year. He's got JT again and for the foreseeable furture but it will be interesting to see how much, if at all, he regresses this year.


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Well he's not the only one that's had one great linemate. And that was just one of three years.


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It would have been great if our kids waited until after their ELC's to break out and save us some cap space.

But I'll take generational production too.

And its not Marner/Dubas that drove up RFA contracts. Its Vegas. The 6% Vegas cap bump drove up Marner's deal from ~$10 to ~$11.


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Yeah but it went up 6% the year before when Vegas came in. It was the biggest jump in 5-6 years. Right before all of our top guys had to sign.


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Who cares. While we got all our top guys signed to 5-6 year deals, the best other teams can manage is to kick the can 2-3 years. Those teams are going to lose players by not paying them long term like we did. And some, like Winnipeg, can’t even get any deal done.


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Looks like Kaprizov is running train right now in the K. 11 pts in 7 games so far. Hopefully he comes over next year.