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Around the League 2019-2020 Edition

Wayward DP

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He could have easily made his point about poppies without singling out / pointing the finger at a large swath of Canadians.

But instead he chose to call out “you people” and the logical inference based on the words he chose is that he was referring to immigrants (“you come here”)


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It's xenophobia more then blatant racism. Regardless it's so dumb to try to pinpoint who he was targetting, he shouldn't be targetting anyone specifically. He created a "real" Canadian vs other Canadian dichotomy which only serves to divide the country. If he was there to try to educate others on the importance of the poppy then he should have done that. But he's 85 years old and should have retired 20 years ago so he no longer has a filter for his xenophobia.
I think it’s irrelevant whether he was only talking about non-whites or not. Do I think his statements were racist? Yes I do. The salient point though is that he arbitrarily attacks immigrants as leeches, like they’re not worthy of being in Canada. That’s fucked up regardless of skin color.

This was the last straw in a long line of xenophobic and/or overtly racist comments. It was time to can him.

I also think Maclean was stupid in asking him if he wanted to talk about that segment. Use your head Ronny you dumbass.


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Lets not forgot the time he said he was surprised Japanese people were like regular people during Nagano

Or when he said Jagr would be on the streets with a loaf of bread and an onion if it wasnt for the USA
If you want to bring up past points .... I think the jagr comment had more to do with jagrs gambling problem.
And the Japanese comment was I reference to the comfort level he felt.
The guy fucked up, but so are everyone of us trying to believe we really know what he meant or his meaning of comments in the past.
This was a gimme .... meant to happen.
It was a shame he leaves in a mess like this, but because of the external pressures from advertisers, it was a simple choice.
85 years old and still moving forward .....
The irony is that we have on television, different channels that only cater to certain races and perspectives...... and you never hear shit about their racism lol.
If I may be so bold as to make a prediction: comedy will be the next subtraction of our holier than thou attitude ..... because imho, most comedy is at the expense of someone else. And I havent found much humour which isnt directed at something racist, sexist or anothers short comings.
Get ready you keepers of the conscience, your turn is coming lol.


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BTW, Ron's "Didn't Catch It" comment was weak as ****.
No it wasn't.
He has a guy in his ear telling him what to do next, besides that, if after all these years of listening to and seeing Maclean in action you think he is anything buy a genuinely good Canadian you may be a redneck.


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I think it was during the last Leafs game that Brian Burke was complimenting the Islanders "balanced scoring" by showing the point totals of McDavid/Draisaitl vs. the Islanders top 6. When I saw the infographic I snorted.