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Around the League 2019-2020 Edition


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Was it two playoffs ago that he was decent? I just remember him being kinda garbage, and then when he played against us he was surprisingly effective. I can't remember which year, or frankly if I'm just associating the trauma of those playoff losses to something that never happened.


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I remember his scaring our big three right off the ice basically. I would say even the tight Jacobs thought that was good value for him money.


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I definitely felt him having an impact, just foggy on when. It may even have been last year with some key hits or whatever, I don't know.


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He was a force that swung one if not both of the last two series losses against the B's. He had the Bruins playing like swaggering sailors, both times.

Is he done? Finished? No one is finished if they are breathing, I hope to god we don't play the Bruins and this guy comes out on the ice is all I can say.

Our big three played like mice when he was out there.

Jeremy Jacobs is the only guy who would put this guy on waivers. No surprise from that guy at all.

He reminds me a lot of my old buddy Shayne Corson, except, he is even tougher, harder.

You want a playoff animal? A Beast? Call on David Backes.

The guy is built like a brick shit house and he has some real honest to goodness meanness to him, during the playoffs.

Without him the B's would have lost the last two playoff series.
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Feel like Boston and TB will be in the top 2 seeds of the Atlantic. That leaves Toronto and Florida for the final spot


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I feel like we're a more talented team than any of those clubs and if we can get close to average goaltending we'll be fine.


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Good to see you are still around MNIJ . hockeylover I agree. But I have to say, in the playoffs, you need certain guys to step up. No way do I want to see us trading Hyman and or Kapanen, to get a slightly better sieve between the pipes.

Goaltending is huge, and Jordan Binnington is testimony to that.

How important is that that guy to the St. Louis brand? Shit, they are top two in the league, without Tarasenko.

So yeah goaltending is major. Get a much better backup yes. But please, try not to trade a playoff guy. Just my three cents.

And do we have talent, tons of it yes.


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Keefe=Harry Sinden. Greatest coach in NHL history. BTW. They even look alike. Two coolest coaches in NHL history.

And we have one of them. Not too bad eh Zeke, Mindz?BeLeafer? hockeylover?

Not too bad at all.

Great coach=great team.

Boston, just bummed out the dressing room by doing this to David Backes btw..

David Backes, was the guy who smoked us two series in a row.

Boy this stupid Boston owner really fucked up by fucking over David Backes.

Watch Backes... Backes was Corson PLUS> And I love my buddy Corson who single handedly shut down Alexei Yashin.

Leafers, this is how you kill a dressing room. you waive a fucking gladiatior, a warrior like David Backes.

Its how you kill a dressing room 2.0. I have no stats, just testimony as to how fucking scary Backes was.... From peeps.


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We have NO ONE, on our team like this guy., actually, no NHL team does. Cept Boston. OOPS. Jeremy, your cheap ass just lost him AND the dressing room.

Luke Schenn had a soft barrell ass body with no calves.. This guy? FOOOOF..

Guy is just literally a ball of fist and hate.

Jeremy Jabobs, thank you.


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Gotta say, before I go

to bed... Boston just blew up their dressing room. Destroyed it.

IS David Backes done, finished? yeah, for the most part.

But dress him up for the playoffs and he probably scares most of your young players..

Douche move, dumb move and I am calling it right now, we never lose to the Bruins again in a playoff series...

David Backes, the Leaf killer has been embarassed and the best Bruin player is already calling it out, as a bullshit move.

Brad Marchand called out this pathetic move... And guess what? Gotta love Marchand. Great player, great callout.

Jeremy Jacobs, how ja doin now? Jacobs and Tanenbaum... Lol