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Around the League 2019-2023 Edition


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He's gone from this:

to this

In one summer


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we acquired a perennial 30 goal scorer who blossomed into a PPG player for three draft picks. none of which turned out to be better than the player we acquired. and the player we acquired was better than all previous Leaf draft picks for decades. if this is a shit trade, what is an example of a good one? Leafs GMs must have been completely incompetent for decades.
I liked Kessel and wished we’d brought him back as a UFA this off-season. I’m also not disputing the quality of the players and the timing of the trade. (Although the timing was shit)

I’m saying that Burke’s hubris, bluster and clumsiness cost us a lot more than just the two picks.

we traded Stralman, and the pick that became Saad, to get picks back to bluff an offer sheet, before giving them a larger package anyway.

His clumsiness and carelessness are what I have an issue with.


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I even forgot about the lead up to that shit. I remember now back then that I was super annoyed by that aspect too, about why not at least just fucking sign him to the offer sheet after positioning ourselves to do it. Damn that whole thing was so fucking stupid.


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Who the hell wants their goalie to smile a lot? Country club atmosphere is gone.

He finally got his game face…. should be worth at least +.008 save percentage points.


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He was wired different like a lot of those guys back then.

My neighbors dad played with Goldie Goldthorpe and said the guy was an absolute lunatic. He beat the shit out of the owner in San Diego because they held a team meeting to ask him to stop going to the rippers, getting pissed and fighting every night.
That literally sounds like an episode of shorsey