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Babs vs Keefe


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The really interesting part is the Leafs still haven't experienced any sort of "luck" so far this year. Which will happen. Maybe at the right time for once.

Wayward DP

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once the sample sizes grow would be interested to see 2019-20 Keefs vs 2018-19 Babs.

but thanks for putting this together zeke


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I think babcock will get another shot with a new team or an older team.

If he is as smart as he thinks he is, babcock may even realize that having another resource like the resources dubas employs can only help him to do his job more successfully.

I use to hire guys with a different perspectives than my own .... if you dont understand it, then get the very best who do, and have them as your buffer/advantage to be able to compete with the other business.

It is a changing world .... numbers can lie but it all depends upon the stats being used to influence your decisions. If you have the correct people and you trust their perceptions, then it becomes a win/win solution imho.

If babcock is a smart guy, he will use this new found source of info to make his product more sound and competitive.

Unfortunately, I do believe that hockeylover was correct in her summation of babcocks underlying problems ..... spite and ego.

That friends is a recipe for failure.

Have a great day all.


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Babcock: "[Barrie] has to reinvent himself a bit"


W/Babs: 23gms, 21:33, 45.1xgf%, 0gls, 7pts, -11 (82gms, 0gls, 25pts, -39)
W/Keefe: 12gms, 21:08*, 60.5xgf%, 3gls, 8pts, +3 (82gms, 21gls, 55pts, +21)

* = not including the game he left injured with only 2:52toi. (Really that game shouldn't count against his paces either but whatever)


Oh, sexy. All in a nicely laid out spreadsheet.

It's just fucking amazing how much of a straight jacket the cock imposed on this team. Most of us knew this but maybe not to this extent. As I said when Keefe took over, release the hounds!


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Yeah, we all thought the team would get better with Keefe - there's just too much talent on this roster to be that mediocre. But these numbers are still pretty crazy.


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Not to wax poetic too much, but I think if I could some up the difference it's that under Babcock, the Leafs were Babcock's team. Under Keefe, the Leafs are Auston Matthews, Mitch Marner, and John Tavares' team.