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GDT #30: DEC 4, 7:00 - Time for the Mucho Man to go Savage


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whelp. I feel a tightening around my nutsack. (and not the consensual kind).

we need wins. like right now.

the avalanche just keep scoring and scoring and scoring, and it's not just their top line. pretty much every player is not just putting up career best rates, but career best by a country mile. This will cool off eventually...but unfortunately, it hasn't started cooling down yet.



I sure as hell hope they have a move lined up for a backup. Can't ride the starter like that but it does send a message -- we need this win. zeke's not the only one feeling a tightening around his nutsack (might want to change your avatar).


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I expect nylander and Matthew's to have a huge impact tonight.
Leafs will win and Anderson will a wall.