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GDT #31: DEC 7, 7:00, HNIC - Leafs @ Blues


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Man would it be a nice to get a solid win in here against a good opponent, right before the sked eases up a bit. We played great against the Blues the first time, but couldn't finish the deal. The Blues haven't played all that great at even strength this year, tbh - they're kinda just battening down the hatches at ES and relying on good goaltending, and then relying on their good PP to win games.

Goals are likely going to be at a premium for us tonight again, so defensive miscues and Pks will have to be at a minimum.

Aberg gets the start tonight, and he's nominally slotted in in Johnsson's spot, but tbh I expect we'll see any of Mikheyev, Kappy, Kerfoot, Engvall, Spezza, Petan get looks in that spot too as the game goes on. It's nice to have a coach who will continually mix it up and try to learn how his roster best fits together. of course, it would be better if this learning curve was happening a couple months ago instead of now, but it is what it is.



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I have a 6000 dollar ticket with proline and I need the leafs to go to shootout and under.lol


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The old "he had no chance" 1 back footed flip wrister from 30 feet out.

I missed you old friend.



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I can see why people hate Ceci. Great screen and tip, dude.
He's been pretty brutal since roughly the day that Dubas defended him publicly.

49.2 CF% (-7.42 relative)
44.1 xGF% (-9.82 relative)

It's time for him to get moved to much easier matchups, or traded.