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GDT #70: Mar 10 2020, TB @ TOR - I will show you fear in a handful of dust


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And in to the stretch run we go!

With Stamkos and Hedman out and Rielly back, the Leafs are finally not the more injured team for the first time in a long time. no excuses.

Either win and send a message to an elite team and our likeliest first round opponent , or lose and fall out of playoff position.

No big deal. Just another tuesday in leafland.

Interestingly, both teams have decided to scramble their forward lines in a major way. The leafs split up matthews and marner, while the bolts split up Point and Kucherov. Tampa's deadline adds of Coleman and Goodrow haven't worked out quite as imagined so far, seems like.

Hopefully Freddy builds on his last outing. We're gonna really need him not to suck down the stretch.



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Imagine Tampa gets bounced in the first round 2 years in a row? And they gave up a 1st for Barclay Goodrow III
Dumb trade but in fairness, they got a 3rd back too. The difference between the Tampa 1st and the SJ 3rd rounder will likely be about ~35 picks. Stupid fucking trade, but it's still ever so slightly better than it looks.


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Okay **** fine I'll say it.

I like Clifford.
If this team is lucky enough to back into the playoffs, Clifford will likely make a positive impact when the checking gets tighter and pretty goals become harder to come by. He is also a guy with playoff experience who can take a shift and potentially change momentum in a game with a big hit or energy shift.


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If barrie is no longer actually the point man I'm not sure we need a dman on the PP at all.

And dumb pass tavares