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GDT #9: OCT 19, 7:00 HNIC - Bruins @ Leafs


So, um, Marner did play with AM and had his best game of the year. However, Matthews (aside from the assist) blew chunks. Nylander got moved and also blew chunks. (Must note that zeke did not win.) But it sure looks like Willy and AM were missing one another.

It also looks like Timashov might have solidified a roster spot. Great game. It should be embarrassing to a 6 foot 3, 230 lbs guy to be completely outdone physically by a 5 foot 10 smurf. One of the only forwards on the Leafs that will throw a hit.

Kapanen and Spezza seem to have some chemistry, oddly enough. Kappy's best game of the year.

Finally, seems like Justin Holl might just be an NHLer.


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Funny how the league allows Boston to blatantly run Freddie, and when it's bad enough (crosscheck to the head) where they have no choice, they even it up and make it a 4-on-4. Freddie is known to have concussion issues, so you think they'd actually try to protect him using the RULEBOOK? Nope. Now Boston sees that and says "well, I guess it's open season". Unbelievable.

And yeah, the Chara interference stuff has got to the point where it's just sickening to watch.
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Kappy was great this game.
When he plays like Babcock wants him to, he sucks. When he uses his legs to find open space and pushes the pace in transition, he's dangerous. He's strong enough on his skates, but he's not a plumber.


Seems this has been happening every year since the troika started playing. They'd come out ripping it and then the pp opportunities would vanish.


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So the Boston announcers, widely considered the biggest homers out there, couldn't believe they gave Marincin a penalty:

Meanwhile Simpson and Hrudey spent multiple replays and an intermission segment explaining how poor, tiny, innocent Backes was directed into the net against his will, had no choice but to protect himself from goon Andersen by crosschecking him in the face, and then was helplessly mugged my Marty Marooch.

Seriously...Boston's announcers....couldn't believe it....and we have to put up with this shit.


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This boston love isnt a new thing by the league ...... this has been going on for 40 friggen years.
When O'Reilly is running someone's head through the boards and boimstruck gets 2 minutes for interference for getting his head stuck in the boards obstructing Boston's ability to score or when Thornton punches kaberle in the back of the head during play and boston gets a man advantage for intentionally lying on the puck .... ya this boston thing has gone on for to long.
Fuxk the bruins.