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GDT: Canes @ Caps, Game 7, 4/24, 7:30 pm Eastern


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NHL network showed the game again yesterday... twice, in fact. When we watched it live back in April, my Fitbit heart rate tracker did a nice job of capturing the suspense. The horizontal scale is midnight to midnight; as you can see, Brock put in the winner with minutes to spare. (Clicking on the image should make it big enough to see; I admit I may be the only one who finds this entertaining.)

Caps Game 7.jpg


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I can relate to this. I know all of my family was edge of your seat for the entirety of that 3rd period and OT. My tracker isn't that detailed but my high measured heart rate for that day was at 11:20PM with interim spikes around 10PM and 10:30PM.

Game 7s are tough on the heart.


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Look ... I was still on beta blockers back then (following my heart attack last June) and even my heart rate spiked during the OT of that game.


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I didn't do it for the road games, but I noticed my rate was spiking during the first home playoff game, so from then on for the home games, I clicked "Workout" on my Fitbit around first puck-drop and scored some pretty impressive 3-hour workout point totals for the app that my employer uses to incentivize their HSA contributions :)