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GDT: Canes v. Rangers 8/1 12:00


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Channeling my inner Jim Mora. PLAYOFFS? PLAYOFFS?

Sort of. The qualifying round isn’t the regular season, but not quite the playoffs. The Canes looked rusty in the first 40 minutes of the exhibition game on Wednesday. Trocheck’s line was buzzing all night, Vatanen can run the PP. Reimer looked better than Mrazek, but that may have been a function of better play in front of him. In typical RBA fashion, he didn’t name a starter. Necas skated yesterday and could play. In place of whom is the question. All 7 dmen who dressed played a decent amount of time. Fleury played almost 2 minutes more bot at even strength and on the PK that TVR. Edmundson didn’t look good. Could we see a change on D?

The Rangers also lost their exhibition game, to the Islanders. Shesterkin started in goal and gave up 1 goal on 7 shots. Lundqvist gave up 1 on 15. The Isles did a good job bottling up Panarin, he was held without a shot in 22 minutes of ice time.

Today’s officials:

Eric Furlatt (27), Trevor Hanson (14)

Derek Amell (75), Bryan Pancich (94)

Fox Sports Carolinas for TV with Mike and Tripp from PNC. Intermissions with Abby Labar and Shane Willis.


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Well AFAIK we are still down our top 2 RD's and Necas is /shrug.
Who knows what we'll see possibilities include a great hockey game a terrible hockey game and a meh hockey game. If asked meh and terrible are more likely then great. So who shows up and wills their team to win
Historically this season it's been Zib or Pan. We need someone else to show.. Aho? Svech? Nino? Dingle? (intentional)

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Last night, I heard Waddell on XM say that Dougie may play, if not should be ready for game 2, definitely back in this series.


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Canes lineup per Michael Smith. Dzingel and TVR are scratched. Mrazek in goal.




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Granted the Canes scored because Truba was fuming and headhunting and no covering his position. Good for him. I think I had his 8 and Staals 18 mixed up.


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This first period was scrappy and the Canes really limited the Rangers’ SOG. But then, after the first two Canes’ SOF, Lundqvist settled in. Bruiser Williams looked good in that fight— leadership by energy!


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Someone needs to knock Marc Staal into next weel. What a dirty POS he's been in the first few minutes.
To be fair, he doesn’t have much skill left, he’s hanging on to the 3rd pair by his fingernails. His first hit was retaliation for Skjei‘s hit on Fast. Skeins was clean, Staal’s was borderline.