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GDT: Corona Cup Playoffs, Game 1, 8/1/2020, 8:00 EST


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Hard work wins in the playoffs...hard working talent wins championships. Habs outworked Pens yesterday - after a brutal 1st period, Habs outshot, outhit & out hustled Pens for 2-periods + OT.

I find it interesting since during the season Habs worsened as the game moved along - weren’t they one of the worst 3rd period teams in the league? Let’s see how this series plays out going forward...


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That's what I would have thought just during what I saw of the Cane's game.. Ice held up okish... if it's still ok... anyway grats on beating the Penguins...Send them home :)
And you guys were the first game on the ice. Just wait until you're the last game.