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GDT: Game #51, VS Toronto, Monday, May 3rd 7:00EST


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I'm not really missing Weber. We haven't lost since he's been resting.

He brings "elite crosschecking" to the game... but Weber is where puck movement goes to die, in both the offensive and defensive zone. we need him only if he's refreshed like he was last Spring.


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They were trying for the Jason Bateman goal from the Hogan Family intro.



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If he moves his feet he’s a dangerous, crafty player. Great vision, hands and shot.

But he was static during his nap.
When vets are struggling, and frustrated, it leads to bad vibe around the team.....when guys like Price-Weber feel a certain way, the rest of the team feels that way.

It's really time for a change...I remember some vets confronting Price in his early years.....Markov did it once, Pleks also....he's not playing well at all, and his attitude might also be an issue to other players who see a 10M player not pulling his weight.

Of course, hard to make a change when it's 10.5M cap hit.

Also, everyone knows (hopes) that Weber-Price will be awesome just like in August vs Pens after they've rested


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How many 2 (or 3) on 0 have we given up where the opponent doesn't register a shot?