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Happy 375th birthday Montreal


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May 17, 1642, Paul de Chomedey Sieur de Maisonneuve founding the city in which many of us were born. He would be pretty proud of what his settlement became (despite the issues facing the city over the last few decades).

A great French city and the largest French city outside France, with a large English population, Allo population, all for the most part living in harmony.

Not many cities can make that claim.

Bonne Fete Montreal.


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An old friend destroyed two tires and a rim with oncoming traffic forcing him to drive over this crater on Courcelle street. We pay the highest taxes and have holes like this on almost every street and even on highways! What are you going to do @Val_Plante

I was in Montreal on May 17th last year and it was just another day for people there. Nobody was doing anything special nor was there anything that special being done to mark the event save for some banners on the light poles downtown. You couldn't even find anyone selling 375 branded merchandise; just the usual generic crap you see in souvenir stores in every city across the country.