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La Standings Reale


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Division starting to look exactly like how it should mostly thanks to Toronto and Tampa getting hot and the sabres losing 5 straight. Can't let up though. Gotta get a w tonight.


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Yeah that's why early standings are silly to worry about. Wait until AT Least the 20gm mark before taking them at all seriously.


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Nah the top and bottom of the standings dont show parity

wait until at least most every team is at the 20gm mark. Right now we're just seeing the fading hot starts and the recovering bad starts meeting in the middle.

Wayward DP

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wonder if San Jose figures it out...

and if Edmonton, Buffalo, Florida, and Zona can keep it up.

I think maybe Arizona is most likely of those teams. And I don't think the Sharks will recover to make the playoffs.


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I mean, I got the whole "six points in every five game segment" idea when we were fresh off finishing dead last, half the roster (including almost all of our best players) were rookies and there was zero expectation for team success.

But if that same level of success is still the goal three years down the line, that's a fucking joke. Talk about setting the bar low for yourself.


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Price has stolen 3 points out of 4 for us in two games the Habs has no business getting points in. That’s what his $10m gets us. They add up.