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La Standings Reale


Wayward Ditch Pig
I mean, I got the whole "six points in every five game segment" idea when we were fresh off finishing dead last, half the roster (including almost all of our best players) were rookies and there was zero expectation for team success.

But if that same level of success is still the goal three years down the line, that's a fucking joke. Talk about setting the bar low for yourself.
I mean...what's your message if you've got 6 points in 4 games...or in 3? Uhhh...we've hit our goal boys, but keep'er rollin?


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Price has stolen 3 points out of 4 for us in two games the Habs has no business getting points in. That’s what his $10m gets us. They add up.
At 10 million you should be getting top 3 production not 16th


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I’m not unrealistic in my expectations. I just ask that he doesn’t lose us games, which he rarely does and that he steals a few, which he does.

Habs have a balanced offensive attack, as long as he plays competently they’ll win. That is until the offense dries up.


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Getting the doors blown off this weekend could be the death blow for a much needed change

Once that happens then go for a nice run

Wayward DP

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I'm close to jumping back on tank nation, if only to expedite the death march. They've been playing absolutely fugly hockey this year.


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I'm conflicted.

On the one hand, I really want to see some wins and hockey that's actually entertaining out of this team.

On the other hand, we've already come this far and slogged our way through 20 mostly shitty games. So it'd probably be for the best if the team not only keeps sucking but starts performing even worse, if that'll suffice to give Babcock the final push off the ledge.

FWIW, the 30-game mark was when Dubas sacked the coach he inherited in the OHL (who he later described at the Sloane analytics conference as "not buying in" to the advanced stats they were using and the way they wanted to play), and replaced him with Keefe.


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The blues fired Yeo after 19gms last year.

Babcock is the 5th longest tenured coach in leafs history.

The only guy without a cup that served longer was Quinn.

Pre-Quinn: #20 of 26
Quinn Yr 1: #5 of 27
Quinn Yr 2: #7 of 28
Quinn Yr 3: #15 of 30
Quinn Yr 4: #3 of 30
Quinn Yr 5: #9 of 30
Quinn Yr 6: #5 of 30
Quinn Yr 7: #18 of 30 (fired)

Pre-Babs: #27 of 30
Babs Yr 1: #30 of 30
Babs Yr 2: #14 of 30
Babs Yr 3: #6 of 31
Babs Yr 4: #8 of 31
Babs Yr 5: #19 of 31


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Habs beat Caps in Washington 5-2.

They’re playing really well right now.

St. Louis x 2



Wayward Ditch Pig
Hakstol can go with Babcock. I thought dude was being brought in to fix the defence, and he ran pretty decent defensive systems in Philly without the aid of passable goaltending.

It looks like he came in to fix the offence though...


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Making significant changes to the system this offseason was nonsensical.

They barely lost a 7 game series to one of the best teams in the league. Why reinvent the wheel? Looks like it will be the nail in Babs coffin.


Wayward Ditch Pig
Honestly feels like Babcock felt that if he was going out on his shield, he was going out his way. This was a make or break season for his tenure here and he decided that they were either playing his way or no way.

Because let's be real, the stretch pass and emphasis on carrying the puck into the zone has never been Mike Babcock hockey. He made "concessions" on style of play in previous years and it failed, time to play the "right way".