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Les Habitants Prospects Thread


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Twitter was a much needed touch of levity when the trade went down. A bunch of people who never saw Bitten play were utterly outraged that we traded a guy who skates pretty well and showed no offensive improvement in the two years since drafting him was traded for an older near NHLish d-man. Olofsson got injured & missed most of the year, but such is life.

We traded someone who will end up, at best, a fringe NHLer for someone who's a fringe NHLer.


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15. Nick Suzuki, C/RW, 19 (Montreal Canadiens — 13th overall, 2017)
Nick Suzuki is really good at hockey. Nick Suzuki had a really good year. Nick Suzuki is really fun to watch. You get the point. The only question about Suzuki remains one of position. Is he going to be a second-line center or is he going to be a first-line winger? And which has more value? I suspect the answer is winger to both of those questions, though I do believe he has the talent the skillset needed to stick at center under different circumstances. Either way, he’s going to be really fun to watch. Really.


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Canadiens Prospects


#Habs prospects at the #WJSS

Caufield: 7 PTS (4 G, 3 A), 24 SOG, +4 in 5 GP
Harris: 2 PTS (2 A), 4 SOG, 2 PIM, +4 in 5 GP
Olofsson: 1 PTS (1 G), 4 SOG, -2 in 5 GP
McShane: 1 SOG, -1 in 2 GP

*Fonstad (CAN), Norlinder (SWE) and Struble (USA) did not play due to injury.
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La vérité, c’est que je ne ne suis pas vraiment prêt pour la LNH. J’ai encore beaucoup à développer et je veux connaître une bonne saison ici pour me rendre plus loin

– Jesse Ylönen

#Habs Jesse Ylönen lead his team during the pre-season with 7 PTS (3 G, 4 A). Before their regular season kicks off on Sept 13th they'll play 4 games in the @championshockey league starting on Aug 30th vs Czech squad Třinec. https://twitter.com/PelicansFi/status/1165556217026162690 …


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A "behind the scenes" of sorts for the 2019 draft. They show almost nothing outside of the Cole Caufield talk.

One thing they did talk about at the 4:26 mark, for about 20 seconds, was a guy that Matt Turek, the Ontario scout, said was not a good tester and everyone knew that. There's one guy that sounds like, Arthur Kaliyev.

Later in the video you can kind of see a blurred view of the final list. Some people at HF tried to break it down:

7. Boldy

Here he writes

"Could go before 15"

12. Cozens
13. Broberg
14. Knight
15. Kaliyev

List on the right is separate. What I can make out is

1. Newhook
2. Thomson
3. Heinola
4. Harley
5. Soderstrom
6. Suzuki
7. York
8. Poulin


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I keep hearing very good things about Harris, to the point that he may actually be a legit steal and not just another prospect we keep calling a steal.