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MLB Dynasty Rules


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- Weekly lineups
- Total points


1 - $430
2 - $160
3 - $90
4 - Free Entry Following Season ($40)

The scoring breakdown can be found in the league page in Fantrax. Go to: Other>League Rules Summary.


26 Man MLB Roster
5 SP / 5 RP
6 reserve spots

150 GP limit for position players, 50 GP limit for pitchers. When limit is exceeded, prospects must be moved to the MLB roster.


5 round draft, with 5 team lottery. Remainder of draft reverse order of finish (non-serpentine).

Draft Eligible Players

Any unowned FA, unprotected MLBer / prospect. For prospects, they must be property of a MLB team before the draft commences. This means that an IFA signed after the draft starts will be eligible the following year.

Teams able to protect 20 MLBers and all eligible MiLBers on their MiLB roster, due 3 days before the commencement of the draft.
Maximum 3 unprotected players can be lost by a manager in the draft.

Draft commences: March 1st
Keepers list and payment due: March 1st

Trade Deadline

Aug 10th, 2020.
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