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NEW League (rules and roll call)


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Alright, lets get a roll call on a new league.

$20 entry fee
40% payout to regular season champ
10% to 2nd place in regular season
40% to playoff champ
10% to playoff runner up

Head to head (points based)
3 match ups per week

6 Keepers
8 Playoff teams
All non playoff teams are in the draft lottery with equal odds.


Assists (A) Forwards-----1.05
Assists (A) Defense------1.15
Goals (G) Forwards-----1.15
Goals (G) Defense------1.25
Penalty Minutes (PIM)----0.1
SH Goals (SHG)----------0.2
Shots on Goal (SOG)-----0.1
PP Points (PPP)----------0.3


Games Played (GP) ---- 0.95
Assists (A) ------------- 1.05
Goals (G) --------------- 1.15
Penalty Minutes (PIM) -- 0.035
Saves (SV) ------------- 0.065
Goals Against (GA) ----- -0.5
Wins (W) --------------- 0.5
Losses (L) -------------- -0.2
Shutouts (SHO) -------- 1.25
Save Percentage (SV%)
Calculate Per Game, Cumulative:
From 0 to 0.899, award 0point(s) for every0.001SV%
From 0.9 to 0.919, award 0.003point(s) for every0.001SV%
From 0.92 to 0.929, award 0.005point(s) for every0.001SV%
From 0.93 to 0.95, award 0.006point(s) for every0.001SV%
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Are their any keepers? Or draft whole new team every year?
Well it is call FI Keeper Money League. :deal:

So yeah. We just need to figure out how many. I'm thinking 6? Or do we want to go closer to a dynasty type league? 10? 12?


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I think 6. Then even crappy teams can turn it around.
Yeah that's kinda what I'm thinking.

However, I think we need to put all non playoff teams in the lottery with the same odds each year. Stop rewarding tanking/indifference.


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Was wondering about that myself, it's a tough call. 5-6 keepers didn't seem to work too well lately to keep people interested in the other leagues. Of course, the biggest problem is having 2-3 people drop out of "keeper" leagues every freaking year.

We already have several dynasty leagues, keeping 2-3 players seems kind of pointless. Worthy of further discussion, any other ideas?


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I'm hoping that the combination of $20 and the fact that we're going to mostly have people that have been members of Champions League and FI Keepers for a long time.

I think 6 keepers is pretty good. I don't believe that the number of keepers is the reason for our problems getting dedicated managers.


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Life gets in the way. I get really busy and honestly forget. I'm sure it happens to others here too.


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With 2 goalie spots in such a big league I think we need to set the max goalie GP at 6 per week.

Sound good?