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NHL Dynasty Rules


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A quick compilation of rules for FI Dynasty Hockey.

Entry Fee: $40

1st - $450
2nd - $175
3rd - $85
4th - Free Entry
5th - Free Entry

Center (C) : 4
Wing (W) : 6
Forward (F) : 2
Defense (D) : 6
Goalie (G) : Min: 1, Max: 2
Bench : 5
Prospects: 25

Top Up

Topping up is an anti tanking measure to ensure managers stay active and set weekly lineups with actual NHL players in the lineup. There is no punishment for keeping injured or minor leaguers in a lineup but the manager will receive top ups for the slot (F/W/D/G) for any games missing at 1 ppg. The minimum threshold is below per slot. This is for teams not finishing in the money only. After the top ups are completed, the new draft odds order will be posted and the lottery completed.


C: 72 x 4 = 288
W: 72 x 6 = 432
F: 72 x 2 = 144
D: 72 x 6 = 432
G: 90 (Total)

Draft Lottery for 1st Overall Pick (Repeat Process for 2nd Overall Pick)
* Bottom 8 Teams Eligible

1 - 35%
2 - 20%
3 - 15%
4 - 10%
5 - 8%
6 - 6%
7 - 4%
8 - 2%


Minimum Total Players: 1
Maximum Total Players: 25
Minimum Active Players: 1
Maximum Active Players: 20
Maximum Reserve Players: 5
Maximum Injury Reserve Players: Unlimited
Maximum Minor League Players: 15
Prevent illegal rosters: Only for Total Max Players
Allow suspended players to be moved to Injured Reserve: Yes
Allow players on a bye week to be moved to Injured Reserve: No
Injured Reserve players count toward roster limitation rules: No
Only players on the NHL Injured Reserve List may be moved to Injured Reserve status: Yes
Minor League players count toward roster limitation rules: No
Players cannot be set to Minor League status unless they are: No status restriction
Player age is at most: Not Used
Player career regular season games played is at most: Not Used
Injury Reserve Enforcement type: None

Skaters Assists (A) Default: 0.55
Skaters Assists (A) Defense: 0.65
Skaters Blocks (Blk) Default: 0.025
Skaters Faceoffs Lost (FOL) Default: -0.025
Skaters Faceoffs Won (FOW) Default: 0.03
Skaters Game Winning Goals (GWG) Default: 0.005
Skaters Goals (G) Default: 0.55
Skaters Goals (G) Defense: 0.65
Skaters Shootout Goals (ShG) Default: 0.005
Skaters Hits (Hit) Default: 0.025
Skaters Overtime Goals (OTG) Default: 0.005
Skaters Fights (Ft) Default: 0.025
Skaters Penalty Minutes (PIM) Default: 0.025
Skaters Power Play Goals (PPG) Default: 0.005
Skaters Short Handed Goals (SHG) Default: 0.005
Skaters Time On Ice (TOI) Default: 0.025
Goalies Assists (A) Default: 0.55
Goalies Games Played (GP) Default: 0.9
Goalies Goals (G) Default: 0.55
Goalies Goals Against (GA) Default: -0.55
Goalies Losses (L) Default: 0
Goalies Penalty Minutes (PIM) Default: 0.025
Goalies Saves (SV) Default: 0.054
Goalies Shutouts (SHO) Default: 1.25
Goalies Wins (W) Default: 0

CalculatePerSeason, Cumulative:
From 0 to 1, award 0.012point(s) for every0.001SV%
From 0.9 to 0.909, award 0.025point(s) for every0.001SV%
From 0.91 to 0.919, award 0.25point(s) for every0.001SV%
From 0.92 to 0.929, award 0.38point(s) for every0.001SV%
From 0.93 to 0.939, award 0.5point(s) for every0.001SV%
Team Minimum and Maximum Requirements (Season)


Minors Eligibiliy

Goalies = 60. After 60 games you must move the goalie to the NHL roster.
Skaters = 100. After 100 games you must move the skater to the NHL roster.

Trade Deadline Scoring period after the real NHL deadline. A full scoring period will pass after the NHL deadline. So if the NHL deadline is March 1st on a Wednesday, the trade deadline in the league would be on Monday the 13th before the lineups lock for the week.

Post Season Adds are disabled after the lineups for the last week lock. There are no adds during the off season before the draft starts. Your roster can be illegal during the summer but must be made legal when posting protected lists. To be clear a legal roster:

- Has no more than 25 players on the NHL roster, including IR
- Has no more than 25 players on the Minors roster and respects the eligibility criteria above

The Draft

Two lotteries (see odds breakdown above) are conducted for the top 2 picks with the bottom 8 teams after top up (see above for explanation). After the first round is set, the draft reverts to reverse order of standings from rounds 2-4. The draft is non serpentine. Teams are not required to keep their rosters legal during the drafting process but must make them legal by opening night.

Draft Eligibility

Any player unowned that's already passed through the NHL draft (drafted or not) is eligible. This would include NHL vets (either FA or unprotected), draftees, undrafted European league players, undrafted college players, undrafted CHL players, undrafted USHL players, etc. Basically if they've passed one year of draft eligibility they are eligible to be drafted whether they are owned by an NHL team or not.

Important note: You cannot trade unprotected players during the draft. Once the draft starts they are considered part of the draft pool. Each manger can lose up to a maximum of 3 unprotected players. Any that pass through the draft unselected return to your roster.

Post Draft

After the draft the undrafted players go on waivers for 48 hrs. Waiver order to start the season is the draft order then goes by standard priority, i.e after making a successful claim you move to the bottom of the list. You must make your roster legal by opening night.
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Re: The Rules

Can we get a full set of rules posted here? One that includes minor league eligibility rules and whatnot? Wasn't that posted in a thread somewhere?