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OT: American Politics


Here's some red meat for our new Cold Warriors:

Basically, this is coming to anyone who challenges the permanent war orthodoxy and likely for Bernie.


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I’m not a Tulsi fan but the smear machine is indeed in full force on her. I don’t see why they view her as a threat to bother though.


It is one of two things or both. In 2016, she was a rising star and elevated to the DNC leadership during the primaries. She then saw the sleaze going on with the Clinton hacks against Bernie and publicly resigned and joined Bernie's campaign. So, probably payback.

Possibly more important is that she hammers away at stopping the regime change wars and has pointed out that the Obama administration, including Clinton, was arming jihadists to topple Assad (although she rarely if ever names them). This is a bit embarrassing for Clinton and the broader dem elite and they want to shut her up.


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I can't believe all these dem candidates allow the media to keep asking about "how they will pay for it", when the GOP is running $1 trillion deficits.