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OT: American Politics


I could pull a lot more quotes that destroy the conspiracy and the crazy stories that circulated but it would obviously be pointless. I mean, you've been smearing Gabbard at Hillary's prompting. Completely outrageous but telling of how little -- like none -- evidence you need to be on board with this bullshit.


Oh, I forgot, Glen's a Putin puppet.

Stein is a Russian asset and Gabbard is being groomed. I've been accused of same many times in this thread. It's pathetic, stupid and vile.


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Adam is a piece of Schiff.

Lying sack of Schiff.

Most punchable face in Washington.
And California.
probably everywhere else too.


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Gaetz voted for SAFE act, so he's safe from punches for now, and I need Mitch's SAFE vote when it hits the Senate, so he's also safe.


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I like Tulsi Gabbard, though her foreign policy ideas are childish fantasy from what I've heard (a lot like Beleafer's, strangely enough).

I'll certainly trust Hillary Clinton's real-world pragmatism over people who believe in a fantasy world that doesn't exist, where everything they don't agree with is a conspiracy theory. Sounds an awful lot like Trumptown. And therefore very concerning about Tulsi.