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OT: OT Thread


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Celine Dion
Rene Angelil passed away this morning at his home in Las Vegas after a long and courageous battle against cancer


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Does Justin Trudeau know how to say Islamic jihadists? In his speech today, he forgot to use the term. I'm wondering if it's because his low iq doesn't permit him to say words not in his script or perhaps he never learnt the term. Which is it?
Why do the reactionaries insist that islamic jihadist be used?


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denial is denial. Just listen to them, not me.

they are terrorists no doubt, but they have a political ideology that is religion based, Koran based. Extremists for sure, however it's religiously driven. Thinking otherwise is denial and unicorn land....however it is your prerogative to keep sucking your thumb on "reactionary" since it serves you.

I know Iranian's that get it, David. People born there who know better and understand how 'crazy' in their own words, the fanatics are, The fanatics they gladly fled.


Its semantics. Whether he calls them terrorists or jihadists it doesnt really matter. Both terms condemn not condone their actions


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In honour of MLK day. His last speech in Memphis the night before he was shot. A bit long and sometimes rambling, but still impressive



Eagles have a lot of great songs, but this one is my favorite. I'm sure others have different favorites though, its not the staple that is Hotel California, Life in the Fast Lane, or Desperado... but its my favorite.