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Poll: Red Flag enough for DL Stint?


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What say you?

Yay or Nay?

Majority rules.

To be clear, this means if the player is injured you can place him on the IR(DL) even if he's not designated on the DL by the club yet.

Poll will run until March 24th or until a majority vote is reached.
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Yeah, I'm good with it. Both with and without the setting have problems, and doesn't hurt to be a little more lenient.


I'm mildly worried we'll discover a way someone will exploit it.....like picking up any/all red flag guys off the waiver wire/free agent heap and hording them. Or keeping formerly injured players in the IR slot long after they're healthy, to artificially increase their roster size.
(Or exploit it in some other way we haven't even invisioned).

....but goddamn it's annoying not having roster players cause red flags who are out a month, are eating up your bench slots. I vote Yes as well.

Just have to hope people use this only in a good faith way to add plays if/when their current guys are legit out.....and not in a manner to game the system.