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Role Call

What should we do?

  • Fold?

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  • Start new keeper league?

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I'm IN
Habsy IN
Rumple IN
Axl IN
Gladiators IN
Slapshots IN

Big Dog ?
Kritter ?
Marauders ?

Corsi's out
Junkies out

Looking bleak gents


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So, I guess maybe we vote? No response from outstanding guys.

Time to fold? Or create a new $ Keeper?


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Big Dog ?
Kritter ?
Marauders ?
Have any of these guys responded to pm's? Kritter is around on the Leafs board, do we know who the other 2 managers are?

Looks like we have 2 openings even if those 3 were to return, it's rather frustrating to have to keep replacing people in a keeper league. But so nice to have at least one hockey roto. If we can get a hold or 2 or 3 of those peeps, maybe look to replace the others?

HP's suggestion to add a money incentive is a good one, anything from the terms he suggested to a $5 winner-take-all would hopefully lead to some increased engagement.

Just checked last year's league (commish needs to renew the league in Fantrax, I think). Big Dog is Bull. Marauders is Madpuck. And Kritter is, of course, Kritter.

Voted to wait a couple more days until we hear back from a couple more guys.


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If it’s a paid league, then hopefully more people are active. I’m in if money is involved. I won’t be coming back if the majority of the league isn’t active like last season.


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Yeah I think I'd be back for a start from scratch money keeper with at least 10 people. Otherwise I think I'm out.


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I'd play for a bit of money- whether this league or a new one or both...

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I'd prefer to make it a lot more simple. Lets go back to Yahoo. Make it a straight 6 player keeper league. No rookie draft... just all unowned players are in the draft each year.

Maybe even just have a random draft order each year. That way there's no benefit to tanking/apathy.

I'd also make it a points league. But lets use one of these different point systems.

I'm in a league that uses this system....

oGoals: 25 (forward), 50 (defenseman)
oAssists: 25
oPenalty Minutes: 3
oPower Play Goals: 15
oShort Handed Goals: 25
oOvertime Goals: 15
oGame-Winning Goals: 25
oHat-Tricks: 50
oPlus/Minus: +/- 5
oGames Played: 2
oShootout Game-Winning Goals: 75
oHits: 1
oBlock Shots: 1
oWins: 50
oOvertime Losses: 10
oShut-outs: 100
oPenalty Minutes: 3
oGoals: 200
oAssists: 50
oGames Played: 3
oSaves: 2
oGoals Against: -15


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Honestly down with the majority decision... but time is running out.

I would say the time has come to decide.