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Round 2 Game 5 GDT: Canes v. Lightning 6/8 6:30


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I’ve no idea, outside of ned, who I’d keep. i e never seen such bad hockey in all aspects as the canes in the playoffs. Passes to the skates, into traffic, fumbling with the puck, pokimg sticks instead of playing the body, you name it. They looked like mites out there. Just horrible.


Yes, I'm kidding people.
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If we face Vegas I'm going.

If we face Colorado? Not so much.


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For both series I felt the canes were chasing the better team.
The canes offense failed to show.
The defense and goaltending I feel were good enough. but when we needed goals they didnt come.
Svech was for the most part a no show, you simply cannot have your top line players go awol for 11 playoff games...he was awful. Trochek, Nino, Necas...those three did not do near enough offensively in the post season...same for Turbo...too many passengers.


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I’d keep Slavin Ned and Pesce. Our “offensive studs” all looked young and outclassed by TB. Put them on some HGH? Damned if I know


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I think TT was out of shape coming in and never got in shape. Slow and lazy almost all season. Dougie can stay for 3ish.