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The Fantastically Beautiful Joyously Superfun 22-23 Season Celebration Thread


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And that right there is why I didn't use ppg. Way more work and then more misleading than revealing anyways. I had to count Drouin even though he only played 34gms. And Pitlick even though he only played 46. And I messed up because I included Toffoli even though he was traded to Calgary after 37gms, and even though I had already counted him for Calgary in this list.

So really it should be Hoffman and his .52ppg on this list not Pitlick. But even then that's still ignoring that Drouin wasn't there most the year.


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Thanks for doing the leg work there.

It mostly stood out because you had Nichuskin at 52 points and Kerfoot at 51 but Nichuskin had his in 20 less games, which seems equally misleading.


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I don't really dislike Kerfoot, but I think he feels like a bit of a misfit in our lineup. For me, Nylander-Tavares look worse with him than away from him (fairly sure I remember seeing the stats back this up too but open to hearing otherwise) and that first line is elite and so as a 115 point team that can't seem to win a round, that seems like the best spot for an upgrade at the deadline.


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You take out their PP production and both Kerf and Tavares scored 50pts last year, Willy 49.


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It was an outlier season for Kerf though. Look at his 2/3 year splits. Very unlikely he is that productive again.

Although historically he is much better on the wing and a terrible center.


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44pt pace last 2yrs, 43pt pace career.

2yr paces of other #6 forwards on top teams:

STL Schenn 65
FLA Bennett 52
MIN Ek 49
BOS Zacha 49
CAR Jarvis 48
TOR Kerfoot 44
CGY Backlund 43
TBL Cirelli 42
EDM Puljujarvi 42
COL Newhook 38


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Last 3 years P1/60
Engvall 1.5
Kubel 1.41
Kerfoot 1.4
Jarnkrok 1.37

are those 5v5 or all strengths?

3yr 5v5:

Matthews 2.54 ---- Stamkos 2.25 ------ MacKinnon 2.38
Marner 2.23 ------- Kucherov 2.23 ----- Rantanen 1.83
Bunting 2.19 ------- Colton 1.91 ------- Landeskog 1.51
Nylander 1.89 ----- Point 1.77 --------- Lehkonen 1.48
Tavares 1.47 ------- Killorn 1.47 -------- Nichushkin 1.47
Kerfoot 1.39 ------- Hagel 1.46 --------- Newhook 1.31
Kubel 1.36 --------- Cirelli 1.19 ---------- Compher 1.23
Engvall 1.35 -------- Perry 1.06 --------- Galchenyuk 1.22
Jarnkrok 1.06 ------- Maroon 1.03 ------ Rodrigues 1.13
Gaudette 1.01 ------ Paul 0.95 ----------- O'Connor 1.05
Kampf 0.76 --------- Namestnikoc 0.87 - Cogliano 0.69
Reese 0.71 ---------- Bellemare 0.86 ----- Helm 0.67


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Its preseason so experiment all you want for now but come opening night if he sees anymore than fourth line duty then Keefe should be arrested